Day 12

Thursday, May 6

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Is an Incan High Priestess, Healer and Transformational Guide for awakened women who want to step into their sacred destiny and live in their divine essence. As part of her legacy, Q’orianka shares spiritual teachings and midwives women’s rebirth into a new life through ancestral ceremony.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn & experience during this session …

  • Find out why wealth-abundance is for the person in spiritual service. 
  • Step into the path of the healer without fear. 
  • Discover how Incan and Amazonian Priestesses handle money and sacred service.

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“Release Ceremony”

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This is a chance to immerse yourself in Q’orianka’s sacred work and connect at a deeper level. Only for our community, Q’orianka is offering her Money & Sacred Purpose Activation 2 day retreat for a very special price. Discover the ancient principles for receiving money and what has been blocking you from receiving money abundantly. This is a live, online gathering for ceremonial work to restore your abundance as a priestess, and sacred feminine leader.

Christina Solaris, MDiv.

Is the founder of the Omega Codex Training, and an evolutionary community space called The Omegaverse. Born determined to change the world, she has devoted her whole life to creating systemic change. During her career in Human Rights work, a near- death experience woke her up to the Divine. With 20,000+ hours of experience, she helps conscious creatives, executives, and facilitators to deliver on their life’s great calling.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn & experience during this session …

  • Learn what it takes to generate outrageous momentum and success in your Life.
  • Find out why that which comes easiest to you might not always be the solution you hope it would be.
  • Learn about Divine Typologies and why, when you learn yours, you begin to integrate your hidden gifts and rocket boost your path to Divine Self Fulfillment.

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“The Beloved Paradigm Blessing”

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This is a chance to immerse yourself in Christina’s sacred work and connect at a deeper level. Only for our community, Christina is offering her Discover Your highest Desitny with the Omega Codex for a very special price. This is your chance to get crystal clarity and reinvent yourself for Soul-level fulfillment and success.

Joanna Turner

Is a truth & freedom seeking, consciousness online entrepreneur & speaker, best known for her transformational events, clearing money blocks and working with the Akashic Records. After 13 years working in Corporate Finance, she quit the rat race to follow her dreams and built a successful multi-six figure coaching business, but the years of hustling took their toll, and she burned out in her dream business! She knew there had to be a better way. With the changes of the last year, a New Economy has been emerging and Joanna is at the forefront of that change. Now she works with visionary leaders who want to break out of the old paradigm business model & create legacy wealth and global impact.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn & experience during this session …

  • Understand the importance of digital currency and why Fiat currency is dead.
  • Gain awareness about the massive wealth transfer happening and why women will be left behind if we don't get our act together on this front.
  • Get excited, empowered and activated to get yourself set up for a new, more holistic economy!

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“Setting up a Digital Currency Wallet & Understanding Cyber Security”


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