Attune to the Waters of Earth for Deep Healing, Clearing & Reclaiming


Upgrade Your Feminine Vessel with Sacred Sister Leaders


Unlock Your Spiritual Energies for Next Level Ascension

In Sacred Sisterhood We Gather to Receive & Anchor the Codes of Light Now Flooding Our Earth

We are birthing a New Earth and many we are who have come to midwife this process.

The Sacred Feminine Light Leaders have come for this specific task and offering: To embody the Light of the Mother Ray of God in service to LOVE.

This is our call to you …

In attunement with the sacred waters of Bali – and of our bodies – we come together to receive, activate and anchor the new Codes of light now flooding our Earth. We do this in support of our collective healing, awakening and ascension, and Gaia’s New Earth Grid.

The Living Waters – Living Light Priestess Retreat is for sacred sisters ready to receive the incoming Codes for New Earth, in co-creation and prayer with each other, and with Gaia’s Sacred Waters.

Dawn is a beautiful example of a holder of divine light, guiding other women to hold reverence for themselves and step into their own Goddess power. It has been an honor working and learning with her.

Michelle Cummings

MotherSpirit & Akashic Record Priestess


New Codes for New Earth

During this ascension cycle, we have an opportunity to literally birth the world anew through anchoring direct transmissions of Light-as-Consciousness into the planetary grid.

These waves of light have washed over our Earth for decades, gradually increasing in their frequency – their potency.

As we shift more formally into the Age of Aquarius during 2024, the Light Code sets for New Earth are now available for our next ascension upgrade.

These are Codes of Mother Light: The Divine Feminine Ray of God.

And it is we, the daughters of Earth – the Priestess-Emissaries – who have prepared for this … It is what we have come to receive, embody, anchor and activate these Light Codes.

The Water Priestess

A Call to Feminine Healer-Leaders

The Water Priestess Retreat Bali is a call to awaken and serve from an entirely new resonance – a higher octave of consciousness now available to us all.

Holding the template of the most feminine of Leaders, the Water Priestess embodies the potential held within all women now choosing a path of sacred awakening.

The Water Priestess is the Holy Woman of her realm, serving family, community and all of life through both inner sacred practices and outer worldly leadership.

She is guided by her inner light and embodied in her sovereignty, with a power that is both soft and sure.

At this time on Earth, the Water Priestess calls us to connect with the consciousness of water and work with this energy in order to hold the new light codes pouring upon our Earth-plane.

The Water Priestess calls from within the hearts of visionary women who are birthing projects, businesses and healing services into the world


I received so much from the Retreat. Every day just kept getting better. I could truly feel a transformation come over me.  Thank you Dawn for this great and much needed activation!

Angela Gardney


Embody Your Living Light

These Codes of higher light must be embodied, then anchored into the planetary field, in order to allow for the next level of consciousness evolution. This requires those of us ready to hold such Codes to do so.

By anchoring these Light Codes, we imbue and elevate all that we touch. In this way we allow more penetrative Light into the field of our collective – for all of life.

We, the Priestess Leaders in devotion to Earth’s Ascension are now called to amplify our feminine power through shared support, ceremony and celebration.

This is a call to the Priestess Leaders, the sacred servants, healers and visionary queens who came to anchor a higher frequency on Earth for the benefit of all life.

Embody Your Own Living Light in Sacred Sisterhood

Your Experience…

On the isle of Bali, where the sacred rites have been kept for 2,000+ years, we gather in celebration and service to New Earth. In a potent container of sisterhood we give voice to the songs of Light, calling forth the New Earth through attunement with Her waters and with the High Light Codes now pouring forth upon Her.

In the name of Love we call to you as we focus upon healing and restoring our connection with Gaia and our Divine Human Blueprint through…


Ceremony & Devotional Practices


Energetic Attunements and Recalibrations through the Water and Earth Portals


Water Purification and Blessing Ceremonies


Channeled Transmissions


Dance & Celebration


Quality Sisterhood with Shared Intent

Soul Midwifery for All of Life

I am inviting you, sister light leader … you who are called because you know you are here for a sacred mission. I invite you to join us as we anchor, embody and activate the Light Codes of the Mother Ray of the Divine on Earth.

I invite you knowing that in this conscious act of co-creation, you will receive inspiration for your own vision, activations for your greater empowerment, and the support needed to fulfill your Soul’s mission in service to New Earth.


This retreat is for you if…


You feel called to support the birthing of a New Earth.


You would love a deeply restorative nourishing immersion for body, mind & spirit.


You seek quality sisterhood with other visionary women.


You have or wish to bring forth a body of work, visionary business, or service.


The water is calling you at a deeply sensed level which may not have words to describe.


You are a woman who wants to be seen, met and witnessed at the high standard where your consciousness now resides.


You are willing and able to both receive support and hold space for others.


You know you are ready to uplevel your sacred energies, your vision, or work in the world.

Dawn provided a beautiful container in which to trust, love and express my journey!
The love I felt was beyond words and my experience was magical!!!

Amy Clark

Seraphina Kathryn, Mother, Priestess, and Divine Menagerie Mama

Here’s how you’ll know if this retreat is not for you…


You are not comfortable sharing in a personal, honest and vulnerable way.


You are committed to maintaining beliefs, habits or addictions that you know deep-down no longer serve you.


You do not believe you can claim your greatest potential.


You seek authority outside yourself.


You prefer to attribute your life challenges to others, rather than claim sovereign authority over mind, body & Soul.


You do not hold hope or vision for New Earth.


You are caught in miasms of fear, limitation or excess personal drama.


This is an invitation to sister-leaders who know they are here to support New Earth, birth inspired projects, or bring forth visionary services into the world.

Our Location – The Hidden Gem of Bali

Jeda Retreat Center is an 11 bedroom eco-luxury oasis located in Pemuteran District, in the northwest of Bali. This is an area that cannot be reached easily, offering visitors the chance to experience Bali and Balinese culture which is far less “touched” by tourism.

Jeda Retreat Center includes 3 traditional villas, an indoor yoga studio, outdoor shala, spa, 3 swimming pools, and nearly 5 acres of lush tropical gardens.

The property features gorgeous traditional pavilions characterized by open living spaces and high-pitched, triangle-shaped thatched rooftops, blending traditional with modern elements.

The interior designs are rustic and sophisticated, featuring tribal artwork and custom-made furniture. Every villa has its own kitchen. As an eco-friendly luxury retreat, 75% of Jeda’s power is sourced through solar energy.


Here’s What’s Included…


8 days/7 nights accommodation in a serene and private, eco-retreat center set amidst 2 hectares (5 acres) of lush tropical gardens.


15 group sessions with Dawn, 17 group sessions in total, including

  • Energy activations
  • Dance
  • Guided and co-created ceremonies
  • Devotional practices
  • Up to the minute information and guidance on where we are in our ascension.
  • Gridwork activations and clearings.

6 Water Ceremonies, including:

  • An exclusive Melukat water purification ceremony with Bali’s High Priestess, Ida Resi Alit.                 
  • A waterfall ceremony in the lush jungle of northern Bali.
  • A sunrise ocean ceremony on the Java Sea.

A traditional Balinese offering-making class.


20 lovingly prepared, bountiful, vegetarian meals.

Also Included:


Full and exclusive use of this luxury oasis, located in an undiscovered part of Bali’s northwest coastal region.


Welcome drink and snack on arrival.


Exclusive use of the property’s 3 swimming pools.


Exclusive use of the property’s indoor & outdoor gathering spaces (shalas).


Free coffee, teas & mineral water available throughout our stay.


Round trip transfers from Ubud, Seminyak, or Bali’s International airport, through beautiful countryside with stunning mountain and lake views.


Daily housekeeping.


Free high-speed wireless internet.


In-room safe/lock box.




FREE BONUS #1: 2 pre-retreat group calls.


FREE BONUS #2: 1 post-retreat integration call.


FREE BONUS #3: Pre-departure planning pack & welcome gift on arrival.

Is the Water calling you? … Then I want to hear from you!

Being able to study with Dawn from day one has always turned out to be more than I expected because she gave me what I needed to learn and not just what I wanted. I’m blessed to have her as my teacher and mentor. She knows her stuff!

Tamera Standerfer

Artist, Teacher & MotherSpirit Priestess

Your Investment

Pricing is based on room selection. Prices below are inclusive of tax.

Triple Shared Room:           $1,977.00 USD

Double Shared Room:        $2,247.00 USD

Single Room:                        $2,597.00 USD


Payment Terms: A deposit of $500.00 USD secures your spot. Balance can be paid in up to 3 payments. All deposits are non-refundable. Full balance is due by May 10, 2024. Cancellation fees apply to payment beyond the deposit.

Optional Add-Ons

I have put together several optional add-ons you may wish to include. I’ve selected these based on my extensive personal experience in Bali, and Ubud in particular.

Sound Healing & Dinner at Pyramids of Chi 

Date: 19 June, 2024 5pm local time

Join me for the ultimate sound healing experience! Combining sacred geometry, polar alignment, pyramid power and the magic of Bali, the Pyramids of Chi is a one-of-a-kind healing center, where the ancient vibrations of gongs, drums and didgeridoo flow through your being to recalibrate the waters of your body, reset your mind, and let you “land” in Bali for our sacred week ahead.

We will complete our session with a delicious meal at the Pyramid cafe.

I have had many sessions within this potent chamber, receiving healings, activations and downloads of information later brought forth as ceremonies and teachings. When in Bali, this is a not-to-be-missed experience!


Price: $65.00 USD

Price includes: Round trip transportation to the Pyramids from central Ubud; refreshing welcome drink; an introduction to Sound Healing and Pyramid Power; 1-hour sound healing using ancient instruments which may include gongs, drums, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, Didgeridoo, North American Indian flute, the human voice, and more; a safe and comfortable environment for relaxation and healing in the Pyramid of the Sun; dinner of your choice and non-alcoholic beverage.

Spa Day & Lunch 

Ubud is known for extraordinarily beautiful, healthy food and luxurious spa treatments. We will spend the late morning through afternoon luxuriating at one of Ubud’s renowned wellness centers for a day to ground and support your arrival as you adjust to the time zone change.

Price: $150.00 USD

Price Includes: Your 2.5 hour spa package, with a 60 minute massage, choice of 60 minute facial or body scrub, and 30 minute foot reflexology session; lunch of your choice and non-alcoholic beverage.


The Priestess Retreat opened me up to my innate power within. We connected deeply to our bodies, minds and spirits through dance, ceremony, prayers, blessings and deep and authentic connections. I felt seen, heard and truly loved in a container that felt safe and expansive. Dawn leads authentically with her full heart, and humbleness. Thank you Dawn for such a life-changing experience!

Lorree Appleby

Radical Forgiveness Master Coach & Priestess

Activate the Codes of Your Living Light with Us in Bali!


Dawn DelVecchio MA, Priestess, Astrologer, Mentor, Divine Mother Channeler

For more than 38 years Dawn DelVecchio has been a devotee of Divine Mother and Mother Gaia. Over these years she has cultivated mastery as a teacher, ceremonial facilitator, spiritual guide, tarot & Soul astrology reader.

She is the founder of the Return of the Priestess speaker series, the Return of the Priestess private community, co-founder of the monthly, Prayers for Humanity online gathering, and the lineage bearer of the MotherSpirit Priestess line. Dawn is also a dedicated student of the practice of forgiveness and Christ Consciousness, as is taught in A Course in Miracles.

Since 2017, Dawn has been hosting retreats and online courses for women called to the path of Sacred Feminine Leadership. Her work is devoted to supporting women who wish to embody the Feminine Ray of the Divine, that they may serve humanity’s awakening, and lead with Love.


Listen to Other Women’s Experience of Being on Retreat with Dawn…

Let’s Review Everything You Get When You Join Us … 


8 days/7 nights accommodation in a serene and private, eco-retreat center set amidst 2 hectares (5 acres) of lush tropical gardens.

  • Value: $1600

15 group sessions with Dawn, 17 group sessions in total:

  • Value: $1700

6 Water Ceremonies:

  • Value: $750

A traditional Balinese offering-making class.

  • Value: $50

20 lovingly prepared, bountiful, vegetarian meals.

  • Value: $200



Welcome drink and snack on arrival.


Full and exclusive use of this luxury oasis, located in an undiscovered part of Bali’s northwest coastal region.


Exclusive use of the property’s 3 swimming pools.


Exclusive use of the property’s indoor & outdoor gathering spaces (shalas).


Free coffee, teas & mineral water available throughout our stay.


Round trip transfers from Ubud, Seminyak, or Bali’s International airport, through beautiful countryside with stunning mountain and lake views.


Daily housekeeping.


Free high-speed wireless internet.


In-room safe/lock box.

Value: $200

Your Free Bonuses:


FREE BONUS #1: 2 pre-retreat group calls

  • Value: $50

FREE BONUS #2: 1 post-retreat integration call.

  • Value: $25

FREE BONUS #3: Pre-departure planning pack & welcome gift on arrival.

  • Value: $25

TOTAL VALUE: $4,600.00

Your Investment: $1977.00-$2597.00

(Depending on Room Choice.)

Join us for the Water Priestess Retreat Bali

Here’s What’s Not Included …


Travel to/from Bali, Indonesia.


Visa or passport fees.


Transfers from anywhere else on Bali besides the airport, Ubud or Seminyak.


1:1 sessions with Dawn.


Gratuities or personal purchase.


Any additional meals or snacks not mentioned above.


Alcoholic beverages.

I began my Priestess journey in 2005 and have had many mentors along the way. I have come to know and feel authentic heart-centered leadership. Dawn carries a torch that brightly shines and leads the way for others to do the same. Her voice brings forward light from the innermost realms and shines it outward into a world seeking truth.

Paula York

Author, Feng Shui House Whisperer & High Priestess


Why do I have to fill out an application?

Because of the nature of this retreat, I am inviting sisters who know they have a Soul-level mission to support our planetary ascension, and are willing to do the inner work needed to hold high-frequency Light Codes. As much as I love to join with many sacred sisters, for this retreat I am specifically calling forth the visionary healer-leaders who have dedicated themselves to sacred service.

What happens once I fill out the application?

Once I receive your application, I will send you an email invitation for a short call via zoom. After that you can choose to make your deposit or pay in full.

What is included in the price?

This is a rare and high-value offering, with a great deal included for your investment. You can have a look HERE  for all the specifics.

What are the dates?

We will gather in Ubud, central Bali, on the Solstice, Thursday, June 20, 2024 where we will be picked up for our journey to Jeda Retreat Center.

Departure from Jeda is at 11am on Thursday, June 27, 2024

How much is the deposit?

A non-refundable deposit to hold your spot is $500.

How can I make my deposit and other payments?

I accept all credit cards, PayPal, Wise, Venmo and personal checks from within the USA.

I'm thinking of staying longer in Bali. How much should I plan to spend?

Bali can be a very inexpensive vacation destination. It’s possible to have a comfortable week on a budget of as little as $600 USD. If you are seeking a more luxurious experience, you can expect to pay between $1500-$2500 USD for a week.

How many people will be in this retreat?

You will be gathering with a maximum of 17 other sacred sisters, including myself and my support sister-priestess, Alia.

Will men be in attendance?

This is a womb-an only retreat, although some of the staff at Jeda are men.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. Unless you are an Indonesian citizen, you will definitely require a passport to arrive in Bali.

How do I get to Bali?

Bali is an island within the archipelago nation of Indonesia. Flights arrive at the Ngurah Rai International airport, located in the southern portion of the island.

When Should I arrive?

The retreat begins on June 20th. I recommend you arrive in Bali at least 3 days prior (June 17th) in order to give yourself time to ground, and to adjust to the time difference, temperature and Bali’s high frequency. If you can swing it, I recommend giving yourself an entire week to settle and explore a bit too.

Note that you have optional excursion add-ons available with me in Ubud on the 18th and 19th of June (see above), so arriving early lets you immerse yourself even more in the healing available to you here.

Will I have time to visit Bali?

Your length of stay is up to you. If you are coming from Europe or the Americas, I recommend you plan to stay longer than a week. Since we will not be conducting specific island tours, this gives you the chance to explore the beauty and unique culture of Bali either before or after the retreat.

Will I get any help with planning?

Once you have secured your spot, I will provide you with plenty of guidance for things like: where to find affordable flights to Bali, what to bring, when to arrive and other important information.

What if I am new to this work?

If you are a newly awakening lightworker or not-yet initiated priestess, no worries! Your best course of action right now is to read and fill out the application.

Dawn gives thoroughly. Her worldly and otherworldly knowledge of the feminine shows up in everything she does. She has integrity and a heart full of love for all. She is unafraid to speak the truth. She is the kind of leader we need for these times. And she charges a fair price for her offerings! Dawn is the real deal.

Vivian Jane Powers

MotherSpirit Priestess, Performing Artist, Priestess of TRUTH

Are You Ready?

If you’ve read through this in its entirety and you feel the resonance with the call, then I can hardly wait to hear from you!

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