Community Marketplace Application

Welcome! We are so excited about the possibility of you bringing your gifts to our Priestess community! Whether you offer a product or service, here is how you will know if this could be a fit for you …


In order to ensure that all offers within the Priestess Marketplace align with our values, as well as Dawn’s “lift as we rise” commitment, before you submit your application, please be sure your offer meets the following criterion:

  • Sustainable. We ask that any products be made/sourced as sustainably as possible.
  • Life-Affirming. We are focused on supporting visionary, 5-D businesses.
  • Accessible Pricing. High-ticket, low-touch “coaching” programs are discouraged.
  • Non-Competitive. Because Dawn offers this community, as well as Priestess Mentoring, we ask that you do not submit proposals for these offers. Retreat offers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Remember: We are not asking for any “cut” or “kickback” from your sales, so you get 100% of the profits. This is for YOU to build an income stream while delivering your gifts to sister-friends and their loved ones.

What would you like to offer the community?

Price Range

Do you have a way to accept money and deliver your service or product?

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