Divine Mother Codes

Goddess Embodiment Intensive

Activate Your Feminine Light to Serve as Emissary of Divine Mother

The great RISE of our Divine Mother – the Feminine Ray of the ONE – has stirred women all around this Earth to remember our sacred feminine power. Her return has come after countless generations in order to assist us in midwiving the birth of a new era.

From Greece to Egypt, Asia to the Americas, the GREAT MOTHER reveals her fecundity, her beauty and potency as she stirs us to deeper levels of strength – a strength needed in these times.

We, the lightworkers, starseeds and Priestesses long to see the birth of the new Earth and have dedicated ourselves to Love’s victory over fear. Peace on Earth, safety for our children, a healthy environment, access to greater abundance, creative choices, and freedom from work slavery are just some of the values we hold dear.

Join Me for Divine Mother Codes

Despite our greatest hopes for what our planetary ascension could have been, we can now see before us the great challenges of this journey. This is why I have been called to bring forward Divine Mother Codes. This training intensive is designed specifically to help you stay steady, fearless & open-hearted during our planetary ascension journey.

Divine Mother Codes is an 8-week embodiment training for women who wish to serve as Emissaries of Light in these times of accelerated awakening and transformation.

This is an opportunity to activate a deeper connection with Divine Mother, cultivate greater spiritual strength, and become a Guiding Light for others.

This course is an initiation into holding Codes of Light for our New Earth.

Join Us for Divine Mother Codes!

“Dawn gives thoroughly. Her worldly and otherworldly knowledge of the feminine shows up in everything she does. She has integrity and a heart full of love for all. She is unafraid to speak the truth. She is the kind of leader we need for these times. And she charges a fair price for her offerings! Dawn is the real deal.”

Vivian Jane Powers

Performing Artist, Priestess of Truth & MotherSpirit Priestess

Potent Practices For Anchoring Divine Feminine Light

Divine Mother Codes activates you to embody the light of the feminine ray of God for your own inner strength, self-healing, and planetary service.

The skills you will learn and the energies available for you to embody will serve you during this time of transition, as well as in the years to come, when Sacred Feminine Leaders will rise with our Awakened Brothers to rebuild the New Earth.

During our 8 weeks together, we will be anchoring specific sets of Divine Mother Codes to support your ascension and your sacred service. The process will let you…


Become a conduit of high-frequency Light in order to support yourself and your loved ones.


Quickly tap into the energies of Divine Mother to stay out of fear and remain calm in the face of adversity.


Up-level your spiritual connection with Source for more grace, ease and impact in any area of life or challenge.


Strengthen your capacity to support others without over-giving or burnout.


Make a major energetic contribution to planetary ascension.


Gain greater balance, patience and clarity to navigate daily life challenges.


Gain support for your Soul’s intended life path.


Feel a deeper connection with the potent GodLight moving through you and your life.


Increase your capacity for self-acceptance, healing and peace.

Here is what’s included…

We will build an energetic container in which to draw in specific energies or “Codes” through 5 “rays,” or emanations of the Great Mother – the feminine aspect of the One.

These Codes will awaken what needs to be cleared, balanced and activated within us so that we can more fully embody each of the 5 Rays. We do this in order to literally bring them into the collective field for access by all.

The focus of the calls are as follows:

5 Light Code Teachings/ Activations connected with the following Divine Feminine Rays


Female Bodhisattvas Tara & Quan Yin


Fierce Mothers Kali & Durga


Sekhmet & Isis - Queen & High Priestess


Earth Gaia, our Abundant Mother


Naga Kanya & the Dragon Mothers


An Opening & Closing Ceremony


2 free bonuses (see below)

In total you will receive 7 sessions of ceremony, teaching, Q&A and activations so that you have the insight, guidance and transmissions of energy to fully engage and embody these Codes.

In addition to each session you will receive…


A PDF printable Guide with information about the specific Code set we will be working with that week.


A suggested ceremony to prepare for each Code set.


Recommendations for how to best hold and transmit these Codes moving forward.

PLUS: When you join us you will also have access to these powerful, free bonuses:

Free BONUS #1:

Clearing the Path for Sacred Awakening – This worksheet helps you to prepare for the journey through resolving any incomplete projects, things that need clearing, or making closure with energies that no longer serve your highest good.

Free BONUS #2:

Elemental Attunement Guided Meditation – This audio takes you on a journey through the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth to support your mind-body vehicle through balance and deep-rooted connection.

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“Dawn holds this space so lovingly, creating a safe container for women. Being witnessed in sisterhood like this enables us to be the change we want to see.”

Claudia Spahr

MotherSpirit Priestess & Founder of HolyMama,

Is This For You?

We seek to activate specific Codes or frequencies in support of our planetary ascension process. These Codes or Light Frequencies come from ancient, eternal and Divine Source, as focalized through specific, Divine Mother eminations whose energies have been returning to the Earth plane over the last 40+ years.

In order to hold these Codes as emissaries of the Great Goddess, it is important to prepare oneself and feel a deep commitment to this level of spiritual service and personal response-ability.

You know this is right for you if…


You want to connect with and deepen your relationship with the Goddess


You are ready to be a carrier of Divine Mother Codes


You want to bring your gifts forward in service to Earth, the Divine Mother and Humanity


You wish to connect with your deepest truth and empowered feminine energy


You feel called to embody the Divine Feminine Ray


You are ready to stand in your personal power with greater ease and grace

Feel aligned? Register to join us in this sacred activation!

“Being able to study with Dawn from day one has always turned out to be more than I expected because she gave me what I needed to learn and not just what I wanted. I’m blessed to have her as my teacher and mentor.  She knows her stuff!”

Tamera Standerfer

Artist, Teacher & MotherSpirit Priestess

This course activates…

Divine Mother Codes calls you into Sacred Service for your own Soul, our Earth and our human family. It is an ideal way to bring more of the energies of the Goddess into your life, and a potent container for Embodied Awakening.

And of course, it is not for everyone. So here is how you will know if this is not a fit at this time:

This is not for you if…


You are not willing to cultivate a committed spiritual practice in order to maintain the strength necessary to hold these Codes.


You blame others for your problems or are unwilling to take ownership of your life experience.


You do not have a handle on an addiction or are in the very early stage of recovery.


You have a psychiatric condition which would interfere with your ability to show up or be present to hold the high frequency field required for such work.


You are taking medications which would interfere with your ability to show up or be present to hold the high frequency field required for such work.

You will walk away with…

By the end of the course you can expect to walk away with:


Embodied Goddess Codes to support your Sacred Soul Mission moving forward.


A deeper sense of inner alignment, so you can engage that Mission with greater surety.


Greater self-trust, so you can recognize and act-upon Guidance when received.


Liberation from ego stories of the past, so you can move forward fearlessly.


A strengthened ability to forgive, so that you can feel more at peace with your life.


Greater trust in the Universe, knowing that the Divine is with you and has your back!

If you’ve been calling for greater peace, trust and stability during these times … or if you are seeking a deeper, more clear connection with Divine Mother energies … or if you know that you are ready to activate your mission in a bigger way, then Divine Mother Codes is for you.

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“Dawn weaves together all the necessary elements for a true alchemical process, with humility and love. The ability to co-create with others with the same intention was a potent healing transformation for me. I highly recommend this course to women who wish to embody their own divinity during these times”

Alia Lieto

Performing Artist, Playwright, & Mom of 2 sons


About Dawn DelVecchio, MA

In my daily devotional practices I work with a variety of Divine Mother energies, or “archetypes” who guide and support me in staying aligned and increasing my capacity to hold light, so that I may remain both fearless and open-hearted during this intense planetary transformation.

I have waited more than 13 moons to bring Divine Mother Codes forward. I was given the first download many moons ago but without further direction. Having been immersed in a watery apprenticeship with the Dragon Mothers of Asia these last months, I have finally received to “go ahead” to bring these teachings/activations forward.

In my prayers to be in highest service, I’ve been blessed to be the conduit for Return of the Priestess speaker series, which has now activated 10s of 1000s of women worldwide; intimate retreats of deep restoration and empowerment; MotherSpirit  13 moon Priestess mentorship program – now in its 5th cycle; the Return of the Priestess community; and Priestess Alchemy for potent practices of Awakening.


Receive Divine Mother’s Codes As Priestess Emissary

“When I think about the powerful women who have blessed my life, Dawn is at the top of the list. During a time when we worked together for the same company, Dawn quickly became the unofficial mentor to many of us, as her compassionate nature, paired with her wisdom and broad spectrum of esoteric knowledge, is unparalleled. I’m extremely grateful to have Dawn in my life and I know it is time for her to share her gifts with women around the world.”


Leanne Kallal


Here is Everything You Get

The training course includes the following:


5 Divine Mother Code Activations


7 recorded group calls


5 sets of content deliverables


Each Divine Mother Code/module includes:


Teaching audio


Written & ceremonial assignment


Code Activations & sharing

Free BONUS #1:

Clearing the Path for Sacred Awakening – This worksheet helps you to prepare for the journey through resolving any incomplete projects, things that need clearing, or making closure with energies that no longer serve your highest good.

Free BONUS #2:

Elemental Attunement Guided Meditation – This audio takes you on a journey through the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth to support your mind-body vehicle through balance and deep-rooted connection.

Join us for Divine Mother Codes!

“I began my Priestess journey in 2005 and have had many mentors along the way. I have come to know and feel authentic heart-centered leadership. Dawn carries a torch that brightly shines and leads the way for others to do the same. Her voice brings forward light from the innermost realms and shines it outward into a world seeking truth.”


Author, Feng Shui House Whisperer & High Priestess

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