Priestess Retreat Egypt

For Planetary Service & Personal Ascension

November 19-29, 2024

This retreat is now fully booked.

If you’d like to join our waiting list, email us at:
NOTE: Emmi is holding another retreat in the Western Desert of Egypt from 10-17 November, 2024. A few more spots are available.
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Receive initiatory activations with the potent energies of Egypt.


Engage the alchemy of resurrection, crystalline DNA activation, and planetary healing.


Attune your vessel for next-level upgrades and conscious ascension.

Join your Priestess Facilitators, Dawn DelVecchio, MA and Emmi Mutale, MA for an intimate pilgrimage to Egypt’s sacred sites.

Beloved sister,

If you are a woman dedicated to your own spiritual ascension … If you know you are called to be in sacred service as part of your Earth walk … If the alchemy and potency of Egypt has been calling you … Then this is for you.

In a circle of 12 women we will connect with the crystalline frequencies of these ancient power spots in order to awaken dormant DNA, encode our fields with Light, and engage our Soul Missions in service to planetary ascension. 

Together, we will weave high planetary service with celebration and sisterhood, through ceremony, deep journeying, crystalline DNA activation and planetary grid-work.

“This is the needed “Spiritual Medicine” of our time!”

Crystalline Activations, Upgrades and Initiation 

The Priestesses have been called to Egypt for several decades now. Preparing for this time of ascension, sacred sisters have sojourned to the ancient lands in order to activate Codes of multidimensional, crystalline remembrance.   

Now, as the quickening of LIGHT serves as a wrecking ball for the unloving systems that cannot abide in New Earth, we are asked to hold the Light of Ascension ever-more firmly. It is essential that we be grounded, anchored and activated as holy women, in or to be in service to Gaia and all of life.

We, the Priestesses, are the conduits to ground and root this New Light, with Egypt’s highly activating and alchemizing lands supporting us.

When we attune to the ancient temples, sacred sites, and the sacred waters of the great Nile River, we make ourselves available for Soul-deep healing, remembrance and rapid expansion of consciousness.


Priestess ~ Mother ~ Queen

As with many ancient Goddesses worldwide, the Great Mothers of Egypt have been activating women to awaken and remember our spiritual “plan” for this incarnation.   Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet hold the Light Codes of remembrance for the true, Priestess-Mother-Queen energies – those lost to us during the epoch of density, fear and masculine domination.

These Goddesses invite us to reawaken our ancient gifts through the high-frequency Light Codes of Egypt’s temples, chambers and portals. We answer their sacred call so that we may serve as feminine emissaries during this blessed, formidable, and auspicious transition of consciousness on Earth. 

Our pilgrimage is for women devoted to spiritual service through sacred practices and personal alchemy.


I am truly grateful for Emmi’s nurturing guidance that comes from a deep place of working for the highest and greatest good. She lovingly and professionally leads and holds space with devotion and attentiveness to the unique energies and needs of the group. (I have benefited) tremendously from her transmissions.

Karlyn, USA

Dawn gives thoroughly. Her worldly and otherworldly knowledge of the feminine shows up in everything she does. She has integrity and a heart full of love for all. She is unafraid to speak the truth. She is the kind of leader we need for these times. Dawn is the real deal.

Vivian Jane Powers, MotherSpirit Priestess, Performing Artist, Priestess of TRUTH

Highlights & What You Can Expect

We have specifically curated this intimate Priestess retreat & pilgrimage in order to ensure each sister in attendance receives the gifts of the Goddess as Priestess, Mother & Queen. In addition to the potent activations you will experience at sacred sites and in ceremony, you can expect …


Luxurious accommodations in Aswan, Luxor, Abydos & Cairo.


An extraordinary, 4-day sail down the great Nile River – River of Kings and waterway of LIFE eternal.


3 life-changing private access visits to the Osirian, The King’s Chamber, and the Sphinx Paws.


Visits to Priestess Island, the temple of Isis, Hathor’s temple and Sekhmet’s holy chamber.


Alchemical healing to transform old grief and fear patterning.


Nourishment for your body & mind with gentle, Quan Yin Chi Qong, dance, and healing foods.


Co-create healing ceremonies for Mother Earth and the collective.


Connect with the ancient Egyptian Goddesses & Gods through shamanic journeying & ritual.


Energetic upgrades through planetary grid & stargate work, a water attunement ceremony, shamanic journeying, and of course, visits to Egypt’s most potent sites.

This pilgrimage offers nothing less than the unapologetic activation of your Soul Mission!


Exclusive Access Visits 

Regardless of how one visits Egypt, when you come with an open heart for service, you will receive the upgrades and activations you need for next-level ascension. AND  … it is during private access visits to specific, light-encoded sites where you can generate extraordinary power for healing and transformation.

 In addition to our sailing trip, other ceremonies and inner journeys, we have secured three exclusive, 2-hour private sessions for you:

The Osirion Temple at Abydos

The ancient temple of Osirion was the location of high-level initiation rites for priests, priestesses and pharaohs. These were death-resurrection rites that allowed initiates to face their fears and strengthen their powers in order to serve the people. Here we will conduct a ceremony of initiation and honoring of the many ways we have each gone through cycles of ego death and rebirth into higher levels of consciousness and response-ability.

The King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid

The King’s Chamber is a place of extraordinary, electro-magnetic pulsations. To leverage these energies, we will take time for quiet reflection first, followed by a toning session in order to harness and focalize and direct the energies for planetary service and personal ascension.

Sphinx’s Paws

This is a significant power spot for projecting healing frequencies out into the world. And that’s exactly what we will do as we absorb, amplify and send forth the power of our collective hearts for Earth Gaia and all of life.


With Emmi’s help, I am able to bring playful, loving light to dark and painful situations and emotions, often leading to immediate shifts in my external world and an ability to face difficulties with a greater sense of empowerment, energy and tenderness toward those near and dear to me. I hope that many, many women come to be touched by Emmi’s healing work and by her who-she-is-ness.

Katlego, SA

Dawn is a beautiful example of a holder of divine light, guiding other women to hold reverence for themselves and step into their own Goddess power. It has been an honor working and learning with her.

Michelle Cummings, MotherSpirit & Akashic Record Priestess

Daily Itinerary for Our Egypt Priestess Pilgrimage

Subject to small changes dependent on speed of sailing, etc.

Day 1: Welcome to Egypt, Sister!

Heissa and Priestess Islands, Aswan

November 19, 2024

We will meet at the hotel lobby in Aswan at 6pm and head to Heissa Island for a sumptuous welcome dinner and to open sacred space and initiate our pilgrimage with a fire ceremony and womb activation.

Afterwards, we will head over to the Priestess Island for a night visit to the original gate that used to lead to Philae Temple (priestesses and others on pilgrimage would have passed through this gate to enter the temple).

Overnight at a hotel in Aswan.
Meals: Dinner


Day 2: The Isis Activation Ceremony & Isis Temple

Philae Temple of Isis, Aswan

November 20, 2024

Our morning begins back on Priestess Island in ceremony with a potent energy transfer called the “Isis Activation,” given to Dawn in 2018. The activation transmits a frequency to support your sacred harmonization of inner feminine and masculine energies, as well as your priestess alignment as emissary of Divine Mother.

After the ceremony, we will visit the Philae temple, dedicated to Isis, Osiris, and Horus. Built during the reign of Ptolemy II (circa 284 to 246 bce), this temple served as a pilgrimage destination for priestesses (especially those dedicated to Isis) and priests for hundreds of years. The temple walls contain scenes of Isis bringing Osiris back to life, giving birth to Horus and mummifying Osiris after his death. The temple was moved from its original location during the building of the Aswan dam.

After our time at the temple, we will pack up and check out of our hotel to board our dahabiya, traditional Nile sailboat. After dinner we will gather for a sharing circle and attunement to the Nile.

Overnight onboard dahabiya sailboat.
Meals: B, L, D

Day 3: Healing & Awakening

Kom’Ombo Temple of Sobek and Horus, Kom’Ombo

November 21, 2024

Our focalizing theme for today is healing for self and planet. We begin in ceremonial space after breakfast, followed by a visit to the Kom’Ombo temple, which originally served as hospital and healing temple, dedicated to the Gods Sobek and Horus.

 The ancient Egyptians understood the importance of combining medicine and energy healing such that people would come from all around the world to receive healing here. Kom’Ombo is also a birthing temple and you will get to experience the beautiful images of women giving birth on its walls. The temple acoustics are particularly activating, with sound that carries through the walls of the temple from one part to the other.

We will have the opportunity to attune to the mystical acoustics together, activating personal healing we may each request, then amplifying and radiating these frequencies for Earth.

Overnight onboard dahabiya sailboat.
Meals: B, L, D

Day 4: First Time, First Breath & Planetary Rebirth


November 22, 2024

Gathering in sacred space after breakfast, we will learn about the Egyptian “Zep Tepi” (“First Occurrence” or original world) and prepare to deepen our gnosis of the death and rebirth process as revealed through the story of Isis, Osiris and their child, Horus.

Then we will disembark for a day of exploration at the Gebel-al-Silsila archeological site and the Edfu temple.

Gebel-al-Silsila was an important destination for ceremonies and rituals, and a place of devotion for many deities, including Amun, Sobek, Habi and others, with each deity representing different aspects of life and nature. Most monuments, mainly shrines, are cut directly into the cliff face creating an awe-inspiring landscape, with the biggest structure being the rock-cut temple of Hormoheb. 

One of the best-preserved shrines in Egypt, the Edfu Temple of Horus holds many secrets, including those of what the ancient Egyptians called Zep Tepi, “the first occurrence”, along with the mysteries of death and rebirth, as is modeled by the God Horus, son of Isis. The inscriptions on Edfu temple walls provide important information on language, myth and religion during the Hellenistic Period in Egypt, including scenes of the conflict between Horus and Set.

To the West of the main entrance is the Birth House, also called the Mamisi, where the annual Festival of Coronation was held to honor the divine birth of Horus and the pharaoh.You will find several scenes depicting the story of Horus’ divine birth in the presence of Hathor and other birth-related deities inside the Mamisi.

Overnight onboard dahabiya sailboat.
Meals: B, L, D

Day 5: Creation & Fertility on the Nile


November 23, 2024

On our last morning aboard ship we will gather after breakfast to focalize our intentions upon the energies of fertile creativity, before disembarking for Esna town and Esna temple.

Esna is one of the most spectacular temples along the Nile, with still-vibrant frescoes and intricate carvings. Esna temple was dedicated to the lesser-known, ram-headed God Khnum, and his Goddess consort, Sekhmet. Khnum is associated with creation, fertility, and the annual flooding of the Nile river. He was said to be the creator of humankind, shaping us from clay on his potter’s wheel. Thus the temple served as a center for rituals honoring Khnum and his role in the creation and rejuvenation of life.

After our time in Esna, we will check in at our hotel at Luxor’s 5-star Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel situated in the heart of Luxor, and with stunning views of the Nile. You’ll have the chance for some quiet time, a dip in the pool or spa treatment before we gather for dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight at Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel
Meals: B, L, D

Day 6: Awaken Your Queen

Temples of Hatshepshut, Luxor and Karnak

November 24, 2024

Following breakfast, we will meet in the hotel lobby to begin our ancient Thebes, full-day excursion.

We begin at the temple of female Pharaoh Hatshepsut, considered to be a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian architecture. Hatshepsut was the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Thutmose IIand the fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, ruling first as regent, then as queen from c. 1479 BC until c. 1458 BC.

Hatshepsut’s reign is noted as a period of great prosperity and general peace for her people. She serves as a model for the Embodied Queen. After her death, there was an attempt to remove her from official accounts of Egyptian historiography. Sadly, her statues were destroyed, her monuments defaced, and many of her achievements ascribed to other pharaohs.

From here we move on to explore the Karnak Temple Complex, dedicated to Amun, Mut and Khonsu. Karnak is the largest complex of temples, pylons, chapels and other structures. The entire area was known to ancient Egyptians as ipet-isut, meaning, the “most sacred and selected of places”, and it was the main worshiping place of the 18th Dynasty New Kingdom, dedicated primarily to the god Amun.

The ancient Goddess Mut – also worshiped here, was known as the Mother Goddess, or the mother of all.

Sekhmet’s Chamber

Another sacred highlight of our trip – and one of the most powerful spots in Egypt – is Sekhmet’s chamber, which is part of the Karnak temple complex. This small, guarded space houses a large statue of the Goddess, emitting an energy that is out of this world. Some Egyptians say that of all the statuary found in these ancient lands, it is Sekhmet’s alone which remains a “living” energy. Many report seeing the statue move as people pray, chant and sing in the chamber.

As one of our leading Goddess energies, Sekhmet guides us into our Queen embodiment, and what it means to fully claim our sovereign throne.

We will end our day at the Luxor temple complex, the largest religious center in ancient Egypt, constructed over hundreds of years by a number of pharaohs, including Amenhotep III and Tutankhamun. Luxor Temple was known as the place of the First Occasion, where the god Amon is said to have experienced rebirth during the pharaoh’s annual coronation ceremony. If we are lucky, we will get to experience a magnificent light show at the temple complex.

Overnight at Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel
Meals: B, L, D

Day 7: Calling in the Great Mother

Hathor’s Temple, Dendera

November 25, 2024

Following breakfast we will check out of our hotel and board a bus for Dendera which houses both the temple of Hathor and the temple of the birth of Isis.

Dendera is one of the most preserved temple complexes in all of Egypt. It was built over many centuries, starting during the Middle Kingdom, and even earlier. The complex includes the Hathor Temple, the Temple of the birth of Isis, a sacred lake (source of water for purifications and sacred rituals), and a sanatorium.

Here we will conduct a small attunement ceremony to activate the Mother Ray, followed by a communion with the most ancient of Mothers, Hathor. Hathor’s temple contains hidden chambers and alleys, as well as a magical ceiling painting and carving of the zodiac and the night sky, featuring sky Goddess Nut.

Following our visit to Dendera, we will get back onto the bus and drive to Abydos, where we check in to the beautiful hotel and healing sanctuary, the House of Life, where we will stay for the next 3 nights.

Overnight at House of Life Hotel & Healing Center
Meals: B, L, D

Day 8: The Initiation of LIGHT

Temple of Seti I, Abydos

November 26, 2024

Abydos is one of the oldest cities in Egypt, regarded as sacred, and considered one of the most important archeological sites in the country.  Following breakfast we will gather for our first of 3 visits to the great complex of ancient Abydos: the Temple of Seti the 1st. This temple complex contains 7 distinct chambers, each dedicated to a specific deity, and connected to the seven chakras, on the walls of which are depictions of Osiris’ resurrection as well as of ancient technology, including an image of a modern-looking airplane! In one of the chambers, we will also get to connect with the energy of light.

For lunch, we will visit the Flower of Life guest house and healing center, for a roof top ceremony and talk by Ameer – a true guardian of the Temple of Seti and an elder with tremendous wisdom. You will also get a chance to shop for local souvenirs at the guest house, and visit a rooftop collection of crystals.  

Lunch is followed by a second, late afternoon visit to the temple for a group meditation. Later on we will enjoy dinner at the hotel, followed by a sharing circle.

Overnight at House of Life Hotel & Healing Center
Meals: B, L, D

Day 9: Death & Resurrection

Private Visit to Osirion, Abydos

November 27, 2024

The ancient temple of Osirion is known as a high-level initiatory site for priests, priestesses and pharaohs. These were death-resurrection rites that allowed initiates to face their fears and strengthen their powers in order to serve the people and advance as spiritual beings.

We will have private access to the Osirion, located within the Seti 1 complex, which hosts the famous sacred Flower of Life wall carving. Here we will conduct a ceremony of initiation and honoring of the many ways we have each gone through cycles of ego death and rebirth into higher levels of consciousness and response-ability.

We’ll then return to the hotel for lunch, with time for a swim, spa treatment, rest, or optional return to the Temple for a final visit (at additional cost)

Overnight at House of Life Hotel & Healing Center
Meals: B, L, D

Day 10: Destination Giza

Travel to Cairo

November 28, 2024

Following an early check-out from our hotel, we will have a long day’s travel by private bus to Cairo. This is an ideal time for rest, reflection and energy integration. We will also have the chance to conduct a sister-blessing ceremony, giving each woman the opportunity to be fully honored as Priestess, Mother & Queen of her realm!

On arrival in Cairo we will check into our 5-Star hotel, then gather for dinner.

Overnight at hotel TBD


Day 11: Planetary Grid Activation

Private Visits to the King’s Chamber & Paws of the Sphinx

November 29, 2024

We have an early start today and a very potent day it is! With 2 private access visits to the King’s chamber of the great pyramid and the paws of the Sphinx, this day is the culmination of all of the healing and activations we have received during our pilgrimage.

In the King’s chamber we will have time for quiet reflection as well as a toning session in order to harness and focalize the powerful, electromagnetic energies of this planetary massif called the great pyramid.

Following this, we will make our way to the ancient of ancients: the Great Sphinx. This is a planetary power spot for projecting healing frequencies out into the world. And that’s exactly what we will do as we absorb, amplify and send forth the power of our collective hearts for Earth Gaia and all of life.

We will then make our way to a very special essential oils shop to explore the scents of sacred anointing. We will then conclude our pilgrimage with a farewell lunch and closing ceremony.

You will then have the option of a transfer to Cairo International Airport* for your flight home, or join Emmi and Dawn for 1 more night at a local AirBnB (additional fees apply).

*IMPORTANT: Whether you choose to fly home on this day or stay an extra day, please be sure your flight is in the evening. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

Transfer to Cairo International Airport
Meals: B, L

What’s Included?


11 days/10 nights accommodations


Private access to the King’s Chamber of the great pyramid on the Giza plateau


Private access to the Osirion at Seti’s Temple in Abydos


Private access to the Sphinx’s paws on the Giza plateau

All internal (domestic) ground transfers (boat, bus)

All entry fees


15 sites


Private Guide throughout our journey to handle logistics and ensure our comfort and safety. 


Three meals a day + snacks and water


All ceremonies, activations


17 sessions & ceremonies with Dawn & Emmi


Prelim zoom call & post-retreat integration


Egypt info package


Virtual Portal: We’ve created a private online portal for you to prepare. Here you will find an orientation video, printable itinerary, FAQ section, preparation checklists and more.


Egyptologist Guides: during temple visits, we will have one more tour guide with us who are Egyptologists. They provide the more ‘traditional’ information of the sites.

What’s NOT Included?


Airfare to & from Cairo, Egypt


2 Passport Size Headshot Photos


Entry visa to Egypt (USD $25)


Optional Travel Insurance


Personal expenditures: shopping, beverages during meals, laundry service, phone calls or anything else not specifically mentioned above.


$100 USD cash for tips that will be collected at the beginning of the tour


I am so grateful for the opportunity of participating in this program. I felt very safe and supported. The materials were so relevant and beautifully prepared. The whole experience has deepened my awareness around my womb and my feminine power and has been a wonderful part of my continued journey of growth and awakening. Thank you, Emmi, for the work you do!

Jerne Golson, Reiki Master and Access Bars Practitioner

Dawn provided a beautiful container in which to trust, love and express my journey! The love I felt was beyond words and my experience was magical!

Seraphina Kathryn, Mother, Priestess, and Divine Menagerie Mama

Our Accommodations

Please, note that this is subject to change depending on availability (the quality of the hotels will always be 4-5 stars)

Our Pilgrimage includes accommodations in Aswan, on a dahabiya vessel along the Nile river, Luxor, Abydos and Cairo. With a combination of 4- and 5-star locales, you can be sure that your experience will be comfortable and well-attended.


Basma Hotel 

In Aswan we will stay at the Basma for our first night.

Basma Hotel is located on the highest point of Aswan next to the famous pharaonic monuments and overlooking the beautiful greenery and the amazing Nile Views. From the moment you step in, you are surrounded by authentic unique art. Hand-painted walls and ceilings immediately give you a head start on the beauty you will enjoy during your stay.

Tolip Hotel 

In Aswan we will stay at the Tolip for our first night.

Tolip Hotel Aswan is situated in a prime location with a marvelous view of the Nile River while being a short distance away from Aswan’s fascinating sights. The hotel still holds the impressions of the history that happened over the centuries in the cliffs and paths that make up the property. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that guests have the utmost comfort during their stay.

Dahabiya for the River Nile

We will spend 4 nights aboard a beautiful, traditional dahabiya. These are passenger boats used along the Nile. This shallow-bottomed, barge-like vessel has two or more sails and has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. We will dock on shore for the nights, and in the mornings, you will be able to go for a swim in the Nile.

You will be accommodated in en-suite double cabins below deck. The deck itself is an open-air space with comfortable lounging and sun-tanning areas as well as a dedicated space for dining.


Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel

We will spend two nights at Luxor at the Steigenberger Nile Palace hotel.

With its prime location along the Nile, the Steigenberger is an ideal resting spot for us. Your well-appointed room features a balcony or terrace overlooking either the city, the courtyard, or the Nile itself.


The House of Life

Our three nights in Abydos gives you the chance to receive the high frequency energies of our hotel and healing center, the House of Life. The House of Life is a stone’s throw away from the Temple of Seti I. What makes the House of Life so unique is that it is built on the ideas of the legendary Dorothy Eady.

Known in Abydos as Omm Sety, it was her wish to recreate a House of Life in Abydos in which ancient Egyptian medical knowledge could be documented, taught, practiced and remembered again


Swiss Inn

Near to the Pharaonic Village, with views over the Nile, stands Swiss Inn Nile hotel. This is where you get to drink in those qualities of ancient Egypt blended with a touch of luxury.

The hotel combines contemporary elements and traditional Pharaonic motifs throughout. Offering practicality and comfort, the rooms feature every amenity, along with large windows that overlook the Nile river. A perfect way to conclude our pilgrimage!

Oasis Hotel

The Oasis Hotel Pyramids is just 5km away from the Pyramids of Giza. Comfortable and well-appointed rooms will let you relax for your concluding night in Egypt. Spa and pool add to this hotel-resort’s inclusive features.


Meet Your Priestess Facilitators


Dawn DelVecchio

MA, Priestess, Astrologer, Mentor, Divine Mother Channel

For more than 38 years Dawn DelVecchio has been a devotee of Divine Mother and Mother Gaia. Over these years she has cultivated mastery as a teacher, ceremonial facilitator, spiritual guide, tarot & Soul astrology reader.

She is the founder of the Return of the Priestess speaker series, the Return of the Priestess private community, co-founder of the monthly Prayers for Humanity online gathering, and the lineage bearer of the MotherSpirit Priestess line. Dawn is also a dedicated student of the practice of forgiveness and Christ Consciousness, as is taught in A Course in Miracles.

Since 2017, Dawn has been hosting retreats and online courses for women called to the path of Sacred Feminine Leadership. Her work is devoted to supporting women who wish to embody the Feminine Ray of the Divine, that they may serve humanity’s awakening, and lead with Love.

During our retreat, Dawn will serve as ceremonialist and sacred space holder. She will lead us in planetary gridwork sessions, energy transmissions such as the Isis Activation, and bring forth channeled guidance for the group as-and-when it comes through.

I began my Priestess journey in 2005 and have had many mentors along the way. I have come to know and feel authentic heart-centered leadership. Dawn carries a torch that brightly shines and leads the way for others to do the same. Her voice brings forward light from the innermost realms and shines it outward into a world seeking truth.

Paula, Author, Feng Shui House Whisperer & High Priestess


Emmi Mutale

MA, Intuitive Healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Shamanic Womb Priestess

Emmi is an intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner and a shamanic Womb Priestess and teacher, dedicated to re-awakening ancient feminine wisdom. She works with women one on one and in groups, both face to face, online and in retreat settings with the intention of raising the frequency of our planet and fostering healing one womb at a time.

Trained in various healing modalities, Emmi creates sacred, safe, and non-judgmental spaces for deep transformation and facilitates the emergence of authentic connection, profound knowing and inner power for women of all ages around the world.

Emmi is the founder of Feminine Revered, hosts the Sacred Feminine Power podcast and the Return to the Mother World speaker series. She is a three time best-selling author, and runs House of Gaia, a suburban sanctuary and a centre for healing and transformation in Lusaka, Zambia. With an MA in Human Rights, Emmi is dedicated to women’s and child rights and is an advocate for health freedom.

During our retreat, Emmi will serve as a ceremonialist, sacred space holder and a womb healer. She will lead us into womb activations, healing meditations and shamanic journeys, and bring forth channeled guidance from the Great Mother and other guides that may come through.

Emmi creates the most sacred of spaces in which she provides clear and invaluable guidance to enable you to dive deep into what is calling to be brought to light. I love her lazer focus and commitment to get to the root and the heart of the issue at hand and help create positive change.

Kaye, UK


Mahmoud Marai, PhD

Lead Tour Guide

Mahmoud holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership. As a writer, photographer and explorer, he has been traveling the deserts since 1998.

Mahmoud has led numerous expeditions not only in the Western Desert of Egypt but also in the Great Sahara Desert and the Empty Quarter of Arabia. He is known as one of the last Egyptian desert explorers, with a total desert driving distance of 300,000 km in extreme, harsh desert topographies.

Mahmoud is our local lead tour guide. He will take care of the logistics of the trip, make sure we are comfortable at all times, and share his incredible wisdom with us.

Is This Pilgrimage for You?

Egypt itself is highly activating. Combining the potent life-force energy of the great Nile river with the energies of the ancients imbued in the geometry, symbolism and architecture of the lands of Khemet have called many over the centuries. And if you are reading this, you are one of them! 

Here’s how you’ll know that now is your time to answer the call … 


You know there is a higher “mission” your Soul came to fulfill.


You feel called to be in sacred service during this planetary ascension cycle.


You are dedicated to your own spiritual growth.


The alchemy and potency of Egypt is now calling you.


You are ready to receive spiritual upgrades for greater joy, peace, presence & service.


You want to step into your Soul’s highest plan.

This pilgrimage is NOT for you if …


You are not comfortable sharing in a personal, honest and vulnerable way.


You are committed to maintaining beliefs, habits or addictions that you know deep-down no longer serve you.


You do not believe you can claim your greatest potential.


You seek authority outside yourself.


You prefer to attribute your life challenges to others, rather than claim sovereign authority over mind, body & Soul.


You are not physically able to handle the itinerary of a pilgrimage in a desert environment.


Thank you Emmi for your wonderful soul code activations; they are exquisitely gentle and powerful, which are the highest qualities of the feminine. I loved the simplicity and magic of working with the different goddesses of the elements, and yet it was a powerful transformative process, going deep into the essence of life and self. I felt that I was able to release so much of the past and was so enriched by your process.

Kate, Australia

Being able to study with Dawn from day one has always turned out to be more than I expected because she gave me what I needed to learn and not just what I wanted. I’m blessed to have her as my teacher and mentor. She knows her stuff!

Tamera Standerfer, Artist, Teacher & MotherSpirit Priestess

Your Sacred Investment

We can accommodate 3 different options for your tuition, including a pay-in-full, which will save you $600 (€547); or a deposit plus 3-pay or 4-pay option.

Payment plan options require a non-refundable deposit of $1,250.00 (€1.002,00) to secure your spot.

Investment Options for Tuition

1 payment of $5,300.00 USD (€4.900,00)  NOTE: This option saves you $600.00 USD (€547,00)

$1,250.00 USD deposit (€1.139,00) + 3 monthly payments of $1,550.00 (€1,412,00))

$1,250.00 deposit (€1.139,00)  + 4 monthly payments of $1,162.50 USD  (€1,059,00)

4% processing fee


‡The processing fees can be avoided if you Pay-In-Full using Wise for a direct bank transfer.


When you dedicate yourself to this pilgrimage before 1 May, 2024, we will extend the pay-in-full price to you even if you choose the 4-pay or 5-pay options!

Early Bird Tuition

1 payment of $5,300.00 USD (€4.900,00) 

$1,250.00 USD deposit (€1.139,00) + 3 monthly payments of $1,350.00 (€1.230,00))

$1,250.00 deposit (€1.139,00)  + 4 monthly payments of $1,012.50 USD  (€922.50)

By Application & Interview

Due to the potent and intimate nature of this pilgrimage, an application and interview are required. This is to ensure harmonization of the group and optimal support for each woman present.


Limited Space for 10 Sisters Only


Registration is on a first come, first served basis with priority given to Emmi & Dawn’s current students & alumni.

We Welcome Your Application If:


You feel the call to step into your Soul’s highest plan or Sacred Mission for your life.


You have some international travel experience and are willing to flow with the itinerary.


You are able and committed to paying the tuition in full and on time, along with related travel costs, including your international airfare.


You are healthy, fit, and strong for this pilgrimage at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

Please note that due to the considerable investment for an Egyptian pilgrimage of this caliber, there are no scholarships. Thank you.



A $300.00 (€273,50) deposit is required to secure your application, which will be fully refunded if we are unable to offer you a spot.



After the $300.00 payment (when you click, “Apply Now”), you will be automatically redirected to complete the application form.



We will email you within 1 business day to update you on the status of your application. If you are shortlisted we will schedule a 30-minute Zoom call to connect and address questions

If your application is accepted: Within 24 hours of application acceptance, the remainder of the $1,250.00 (€1.139,00), non-refundable deposit is due in order to confirm your booking.(This allows us to reserve your accommodations, domestic flights, transfers, site tickets etc.).

NOTE: If we are unable to offer you a spot, we will fully refund your $300.00 application deposit on the credit card you used.


Your pilgrimage tuition is non-refundable. Therefore, (though not required) it is strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance within 2 weeks of registration. There are plans that cover trip cancellation for any reason or for medical reasons only. Please be sure to review details and select carefully.


Thank you, Emmi, for such a beautiful, powerful, and generous offering! I experienced deep and profound stirrings within my spirit as the activations reawakened soul memories and healed multiple levels of stagnation. You are a gift and I encourage any and all who are called to join in your offerings to step forward in trust that you will be lovingly and safely held in sacred space… deep love and gratitude Emmi!

Ana Luisa

I received so much from the Priestess retreat. Every day just kept getting better. I could truly feel a transformation come over me. Thank you Dawn for this great and much needed activation

Angela Gradney, Priestess, Creatrix

Let’s Review Everything You Get


11 days/ 10 nights accommodations
Value: $1,700


15 site visits with private guide plus your priestess facilitators
Value: $1,000


3 private group access (Osirian, King’s Chamber, Sphinx Paws)
Value: $3,300


All internal (domestic) ground transfers (boat, bus) Value: $750


All entry fees
Value: $350


Private Guide throughout our journey to handle logistics and ensure our comfort and safety
Value: $1500


All meals as listed + snacks and water
Value: $500


17 sessions & ceremonies with Dawn & Emmi Value: $4,500

Plus 3 Priceless Free Bonuses …


Virtual Portal: We’ve created a private online portal for you to prepare. Here you will find an orientation video, printable itinerary, FAQ section, preparation checklists and more.


A preliminary zoom call to meet your sisters and build our sacred container.


A post-retreat integration call to support you as you bring new frequencies into your daily life.

Value: Priceless

Total Value: $13,600

Your Investment: $5,900

EARLY BIRD Until 1 May, 2024: $5,300

Frequently Asked Questions

(Important. Please Review)

Why do I have to fill out an application?

Because of the nature of this retreat, we are inviting sisters who know they have a Soul-level mission to support our planetary ascension, and are willing to do the inner work needed to hold high-frequency Light Codes. As much as we love to join with many sacred sisters, for this retreat we are specifically calling forth women who have dedicated themselves to their spiritual ascension and service as feminine emissaries of Light.

What happens once I fill out the application?

Once we receive your application, we will send you an email invitation for a short call via zoom. After that you can choose to make your deposit or pay in full.

What is included in the price?

This is a rare and high-value offering, with a great deal included for your investment. You can have a look HERE  for all the specifics.

What are the dates?

On Tuesday, November 19, 2024, we will meet in Aswan following your internal flight from Cairo International Airport. 

Check out from our Cairo hotel is at 11am on Friday, November 29, 2024. IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to book an EVENING flight so that there’s no rush. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

If you choose to stay on with us for an additional night, departure from our Cairo hotel is at 11am on Saturday, November 30, 2024. Again, Please be sure to book an EVENING flight so that there’s no rush. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

If you choose to stay on with us for an additional night, departure from our Cairo hotel is at 11am on Saturday, November 30, 2024. Again, Please be sure to book an EVENING flight so that there’s no rush. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

How much is the deposit?

A non-refundable deposit to hold your spot is €1000 ($1102 USD).

Check out from our Cairo hotel is at 11am on Friday, November 29, 2024. IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to book an EVENING flight so that there’s no rush. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

If you choose to stay on with us for an additional night, departure from our Cairo hotel is at 11am on Saturday, November 30, 2024. Again, Please be sure to book an EVENING flight so that there’s no rush. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

If you choose to stay on with us for an additional night, departure from our Cairo hotel is at 11am on Saturday, November 30, 2024. Again, Please be sure to book an EVENING flight so that there’s no rush. Traffic in Cairo is hectic, and it can take up to two hours to reach the airport from Giza.

How can I make my deposit and other payments?

We accept all Venmo, credit cards*, PayPal*, or personal checks from within the USA.

The 4% processing fee can be avoided if you Pay-In-Full using Venmo for a direct bank transfer, or personal check if you reside in the USA.

How many people will be in this retreat?

Spaces are highly limited for this pilgrimage. We can accommodate a maximum of 12 sisters, including your Priestess Facilitators, Emmi Mutale & Dawn DelVecchio.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. Unless you are an Egyptian citizen, you will definitely require a passport to arrive in Egypt.

Further, it is important to note that on arrival you will receive a Visa stamp. Depending on your nationality, there may be other requirements involved. You are responsible for ensuring you meet the Egypt Tourist Visa requirements in order to obtain an Egypt Tourist visa upon arrival.

How do I get to Egypt?

Egypt is located in the Northeast corner of the African continent. Flights arrive at the Cairo International Airport.

When should I arrive?

The retreat begins on November 19th. We recommend you arrive in Egypt at least one day and ideally two days prior in order to give yourself time to ground, and to adjust to the time difference, temperature and dry climate. Accommodations for these nights are not included in your itinerary or package, but we are happy to offer suggestions.

Will I have time to visit Egypt beyond our itinerary?

Your length of stay is up to you. If you are coming from Asia or the Americas, we recommend you plan to stay a bit longer than the length of our pilgrimage. Since we will not be conducting specific shopping or tomb tours, this gives you the chance to explore the beauty and unique culture of Egypt either before or after our time together.

Will I get any help with planning?

Once you have secured your spot, we will provide you with a comprehensive information packet which includes details on: where to find affordable flights to Egypt, what to bring, when to arrive and other important information.

What if I am new to this work?

If you are a newly awakening lightworker or not-yet initiated priestess, no worries! Your best course of action right now is to read and fill out the application.

Can I have private accommodations?

A single supplement is available for all hotel stays (but not on the boat). The single supplement cost is $1077.

Will my dietary needs be taken into account?

Yes! Your dietary needs will be accommodated in the hotels, restaurants and on the boat. Once you are registered we will request information on your dietary needs.

Will men be with us on this pilgrimage?

In Egypt, it is important – and expected – to have a local guide with us no matter where we go. The local guides are responsible for all the logistics of the trip, and make sure our journey runs as smoothly as possible. It is much more common for the local guides to be men than women.

The men we choose to work with are extremely considerate and kind, will make themselves as invisible as possible, and will not interfere with our daily practices and processes.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing via email to Dawn. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, those canceling their booking will forfeit their Non-Refundable Deposit of $1000. You will then be entitled to a refund of a portion of the remaining Retreat Fee in the amounts provided below:

  • If we receive your notice of cancellation at least 60 days before the Retreat, we will refund you 75% of the amount remaining of the Retreat Fees, after deducting the Non-Refundable Deposit.
  • If we receive your notice of cancellation at least 50 days before the Retreat, we will refund you 50% of the amount remaining of the Retreat Fees, after deducting the Non-Refundable Deposit;
  • If we receive your notice of cancellation at least 40 days before the Retreat, we will refund you 25% of the amount remaining of the Retreat Fees, after deducting the Non-Refundable Deposit.
  • Regardless of the reason for cancellation: There will be no refund whatsoever if the notice of cancellation is received 39 days before the Retreat or later.
  • Should the event be canceled by the Retreat Organizers, all fees will be refunded.

Please note that as the Retreat Organizers, we are not responsible for your airline or travel arrangements, and assume no responsibility or liability for losses due to cancellations arranged by the airline carrier.

Do I need travel insurance?

A journey to the ancient sites of Egypt is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a dedication of time and investment. We strongly encourage you to invest in travel, medical and trip cancellation insurance.

Will I have WIFI access throughout?

Internet may NOT be available at all times. It is usually quite strong at the larger hotels, but we neither guarantee nor promise there will be internet on the Dahabiya or during excursions. This is a great chance to disconnect from social media and to detox from digital conformity and attachment. However, if staying connected is crucial for you, we advise buying an Egyptian SIM card for your phone. You can do this inside the airport upon arrival.


Emmi is an amazing woman, a wonderful healer and a true Sister in the Heart. With Emmi’s I have been able to step into my power, regain my creativity and take the first step towards my Soul Purpose. I am grateful to her beyond words.

Petra Tarnai, Healer and Women’s Circle Leader

The Priestess Retreat I attended with Dawn opened me up to my innate power within. We connected deeply to our bodies, minds and spirits through dance, ceremony, prayers, blessings and deep and authentic connections. I felt seen, heard and truly loved in a container that felt safe and expansive. Dawn leads authentically with her full heart, and humbleness. Thank you Dawn for such a life-changing experience!”

Lorree Appleby, Radical Forgiveness Master Coach & Priestess

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