Freedom through Forgiveness

A Self-Healing Intensive

~Gain Deeper Levels of Inner Peaceful~

~Quickly Align with Your Soul’s Highest Intent~

~Finally Get Free from the Burdens of the Past~

The Big MYTH You’ve Been Told (and How the Truth Will Set You Free)

When it comes to forgiveness, we’ve been given the wrong information. You might even call it a myth. Let us explain …

You see, the concept of forgiveness as most of us have come to understand it, is based on a
“you done me wrong” model, in which the forgiver rises up above the one needing forgiveness in order to “be the bigger (wo)man.”

The trouble with this model is that it reinforces the very energy which caused the problem in the first place: a deep sense of separation, alienation and lack of loving respect between two people.

And while we can still argue that forgiveness is the right thing to do, the question is, when we see someone else as having done us wrong, can we really forgive them?

Sometimes yes. But often, the answer is a resounding, “No!”

Real Forgiveness for Real Peace & Relief

“Holding onto resentment is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies.” – Malachy McCourt

Forgiveness should bring us peace. Yet there are few who can genuinely forgive another such that they feel emotionally free of what had been done to them.

They say that holding a grudge (which is the inability to forgive) is like “taking poison and
hoping the other person will die.” This suggests that the longer we go through life carrying unforgiveness, the sicker we get.

So the question is: how do we accomplish true forgiveness – even if the harm done has been deeply painful?

Well sister, that is exactly what Freedom through Forgiveness offers you!

During our online retreat this August, we will be diving deeply into what real forgiveness is – and how to apply it in your life! – so that you can experience relief from the burden of past harm.

Forgiveness is the way to finally gain the
“peace that surpasseth understanding,”
no matter what you’ve been through.

Immerse yourself in these potent self-healing processes for greater peace and happiness

What is the “Freedom through Forgiveness” Online Retreat?

Freedom through Forgiveness is a goat your own pace, self-study intensive for emotinal healing and empowerment.

Freedom through Forgiveness gives you the highest caliber practices for genuine spiritual healing and transformation.

You will gain a deeper inner-standing and hands-on practice with the liberating power of holy, radical forgiveness.

Freedom through Forgiveness is for you if you are ready to quickly raise your frequency and deepen your inner peacefulness.

Freedom through Forgiveness is also for you if you are seeking relief from the burden of carrying judgments, resentments, grudges and unforgiveness over something from the past.

You will walk away from Freedom through Forgiveness with …


Powerful tools for restoring peace within yourself – even when you feel deeply hurt or offended.


Quick and easy ways to come back into loving alignment with your Higher Self – no matter what is going on around you.


A clear path of innerstanding of the forgiveness process – so that you don’t get thrown off into negative states of mind.


Simple methods to support mind-body tranquility – any time of the day or night.


Powerful processes to let you move quickly through upsets of any kind – so that you can return to your inner strength and centeredness.


A deeper sense of peace and equanimity – no matter what life throws your way.

Immerse yourself in these potent self-healing processes for greater peace and happiness

Forgiveness the “Old School” Way

Let’s face it: In this world, there is a heck of a lot of wrong-doing that needs forgiving. We’ve all experienced our share of hurt, harm, and even trauma.

Conventional forgiveness (forgiveness the “old school” way), teaches us that something wrong happened. We believe this to be true because after all, we experienced it! From there, we are advised to acknowledge and make real the wrong that was done, giving it life, so to speak.

But here’s the truth: This is a perspective which we experience through the ego mind – which is not the way to peace and freedom. 

You see, as long as we hold fast to the perspective that ‘someone done me wrong,’ we will forever be stuck in victimhood. Anger and resentment are the inevitable results, setting up an imprint of victim energy which can wreak havoc in our lives.

If this triggers you, we invite you to take a breath.
For while this may not make sense right now,
we promise there is a better way!

Getting Radical with Forgiveness

The word “radical” means to get to the root of something. And when it comes to forgiveness, that is the medicine of true healing. So let’s have a quick look at forgiveness through a “radical” lens … 

Radical forgiveness asks us to be open to the idea that whatever happened was actually called forth by our Soul for our own deeper healing and spiritual evolution. This is the highest perspective we can take for relief from the pain which unforgiveness inevitably causes, and which conventional forgiveness keeps alive. 

Believe it or not, when we take even the most painful wrongs through the alchemy of Radical Forgiveness, we can feel gratitude and appreciation for the experiences we have had because we’ve gained wisdom from them.


There are steps to take to get there. The steps we will walk through together during Freedom Through Forgiveness!


I was finally able to identify and navigate through a lifetime of issues that were keeping me stuck in a state of unforgiveness.

Lydia Jackson

Why Forgive Now? 

We are in accelerated times now friends, and the consequences of our judgments come home to roost quickly – as do the blessings of our forgiveness.

To put it bluntly: We no longer have the luxury to remain unconscious, or to hold onto anger or resentments. It is literally poisoning us.

As the ascension energies quicken upon Earth, we are being called to take the lead in shifting out of guilt, fear and victim consciousness. This lets us step into the energies of love, compassion and unity consciousness.

Indeed real forgiveness now is the way to root deeply into our spiritual strength, that we may rise in Light and greater Loving Kindness for all of life. It is like a spiritual cleansing that lets us purify our energy of distortions buried in the subconscious.

The result? The power to be at peace within, and hold an open heart for others.

Forgiveness now is nothing less than a  call to fortify our spiritual strength. It requires us to unconditionally love and accept ourselves first, so that low frequency energies of guilt, shame, unworthiness or unforgiveness no longer obstruct us in any way.

Here are Some Other Things to Know About Forgiveness …


Forgiveness is not a permission slip for bad behavior.


Forgiveness frees us from the poison of holding onto resentments.


Forgiveness is an offering of healing and freedom for all involved.


Forgiveness is an ongoing practice, not a one-and-done.


Forgiveness is but the remembrance of Love’s presence, and of our ultimate oneness with that Love.


Forgiveness reunites what has been separated through judgment.


Forgiveness reunites our minds with God and with each other.

Immerse yourself in these potent self-healing processes for greater peace and happiness

Radical Forgiveness is the staple our society needs to practically shift wounds, beliefs, and perceptions to a place of empowerment, broad vision, and consciousness. As each one of us chooses to shift, our individual steps will heal greater humanity and ultimately the world.”

Simran Singh, 11:11 Magazine

What’s Included in the
Freedom Through Forgiveness Retreat?


#1: More than 9 hours of step-by-step training to support your peace and happiness.

This is a chance to immerse yourself in a healing container with two Priestess Leaders who share the common purpose of deep spiritual healing through the practice of forgiveness. Join Dawn DelVecchio, MA & Radical Forgiveness Master Coach, Lorree Appleby for a potent and transformational journey!


#2: Specific processes for healing and forgiving oneself and others

A hands-on practicum which lets you apply the proven processes of Radical Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles, for your own spiritual growth and emotional liberation.


#3: Guided Meditations & Healing Journeys

In addition to the teachings, processes and inner work, you will also be supported over the weekend with meditations and guided experiences that will root your mind, body and Soul in the safety and peace of these practices.


#4: All Recordings

Whether you join us live or not, you get lifetime access to all the course materials to work with whenever you need them – including the recordings. So even if you live in a timezone that makes joining us live difficult, you have full lifetime access to this powerful retreat for life!

PLUS! … 3 Free Bonuses

When you register now, you will also receive the following FREE Bonuses:



The Liberator Worksheet. will put you on the direct path to forgiveness, so you can get clear on the presenting patterns keeping you stuck. The Liberator Worksheet is your blueprint to radically accelerate your healing during the retreat!


Self-Love Guided Meditation. You can use this healing meditation again and again, anytime you need an extra bit of loving support for yourself.


New Moon Forgiveness Ceremony. This simple, effective ceremony lets you deepen and seal your forgiveness work through the sacred engagement of your Higher Self, your Guides, and the elemental forces of nature.

Here’s How You’ll Know This is for You …

We realize that everyone is different, so the results you will achieve are entirely in your hands. For those who are attached to their stories more than the desire for greater peace, even the best forgiveness training will not work.

That’s why we want to be clear on who this retreat is for … and who it is not for.

This is a journey of deep inner-standing of our true nature as loving, Divine beings. And while we cannot guarantee results, what we know is that if you have “a little willingness” to allow your Higher Self to do the healing work, you can be sure that Freedom through Forgiveness will be a mighty blessing in your life.

This is ideal for you if …


You are ready to quickly raise your frequency and deepen your inner peacefulness …


You are seeking relief from the burden of carrying judgements, resentments, grudges and unforgiveness over something or someone from the past …

You know that you no longer want to be triggered by other people or external events.

You want the courage, strength and vision required to walk through these times with greater compassion and more peace of mind…


You want to be part of the solution to this world’s problems, rather than continue to energetically support what does not work …


You have a desire to connect more deeply with Spirit and your Inner Divine energies …


You are ready to be free of the past so that you can move forward in the frequency of Love.

This is not for you if …


You do not believe it is possible to forgive something or someone from your past.


You are more committed to your past than what is possible.


Your desire to remain attached to old stories is greater than your desire for peace.


You have an investment in maintaining a sense of victimhood for material reasons.


You don’t trust in a Higher Power to support and help you.


You are not willing to move forward in the frequency of Love.

Immerse yourself in these potent self-healing processes for greater peace and happiness

Dawn DelVecchio MA, Priestess &
A Course in Miracles Forgiveness Practitioner

For more than 37 years Dawn DelVecchio has studied Goddess lore, facilitated ceremonies, offered intuitive guidance, spiritual counsel, tarot & Soul astrology readings.

She is the founder of the Return of the Priestess speaker series, and the Return of the Priestess private community. She is the lineage bearer of the MotherSpirit Priestess line and a dedicated student of the practice of forgiveness as is taught in A Course in Miracles. 

Since 2017, Dawn has been hosting retreats and online courses for women called to the path of Sacred Feminine Leadership. Her work is devoted to supporting women who wish to embody the Feminine Ray of the Divine, that they may lead with Love.


“Dawn gives thoroughly. Her worldly and otherworldly knowledge of the feminine shows up in everything she does. She has integrity and a heart full of love for all. She is unafraid to speak the truth. She is the kind of leader we need for these times. Dawn is the real deal.

Vivian Jane Powers

Lorree Appleby, Radical Forgiveness Master Coach

Lorree’s journey to finding the truth of who she was led her to helping the heart-centered, burned out, people-pleasers and perfectionists like she was, to embrace their confidence so they can let go of overwhelm, control, judgments and resentments in a gentle and permanent way.

Lorree is a certified Radical Forgiveness Master Coach, personally trained by the late Colin Tipping, founder of Radical Forgiveness. Using intuitive energy healing in her work, Lorree is also certified in Core Shamanic Healing, and Inspirational Speaking as well as the Creator of Soul Adventure™ Journey to the Real Me. A soul-care practice gamified, where you use your energy, intuition and inspired action to create clarity, transformation and magic in your life!

Lorree gently guides awakening humans to trust their soul’s wisdom, heal their generational patterns through the power of Radical Forgiveness and create a life they love.

“Lorree is a powerful healer/medicine woman.  My work with her was transformational. I had many energy shifts after and was able to finally let go and set everyone free from my expectations of them.  I felt the energy lightened and as a result, it opened a flow of more abundance.  It is worth the investment.  Bless your beautiful heart Lorree Appleby.”

Annie Balgobin


A Proven Method for Inner Peace

When you join us for Freedom through Forgiveness you are choosing to align with true self-healing, using a proven method for inner peace. It is a priceless opportunity to free yourself from the past and to be the love you wish to experience in the world.

Let’s have a look at everything you get during our Freedom through Forgiveness retreat


A 9+ hour online retreat co-led by Lorree & Dawn

Value: $1,500


Specific processes for healing and forgiving self and others

Value: $500


Guided Experiences

Value: $500


Emotional, energetic and mental liberation from past hurts

Value: priceless!


Lifetime access to all recordings

Value: priceless!

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