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Dear Sister,

Thank you for your interest in applying for MotherSpirit: 13 Moon Priestess Training & Initiation, beginning June 22nd, 2023.

It is a joy for me to know that you are called to this Priestess path! It is my highest intention to serve you and each woman in the program, and to support the forging of a deep, sister-bond among all of us.

During our 13 months together, you will be asked to show up authentically, courageously and vulnerably, with inner work being one of the key components of this path.

This is why I am asking each woman to apply first. I want to ensure that the energetic container for the group (or groups) are a good fit for everyone. Emotional and energetic safety is crucial for our success in stepping through the powerful initiations such a commitment calls for.

So please answer the questions below fully and heart-fully. I look very forward to receiving your application!

Many blessings,



MotherSpirit Application

Full Name(Required)
I attended Sanctuary of the Feminine with Dawn(Required)
Please select your preferred payment plan (We will send payment details once we’ve had an interview and agree that this is a fit):(Required)
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By signing below you agree to the following Agreements and Policies with Dawn DelVecchio Enterprises, LLC:

  1. I understand I will receive from this training what I put into it. I am willing to take responsibility for my own empowerment, transformation and healing experiences. 
  2. I understand that all calls are recorded in both video and audio format.
  3. I understand that Dawn is not a therapist and that this training is in no way a replacement for therapy. Rather, she is a teacher and mentor, supporting women to embody their inner Priestess to lead life as a sacred woman in these times.
  4. I am committed to my self-care and I am willing to seek additional, outside support if needed.
  5. I am willing to respect the privacy of this container. I will not share with anyone - either publicly or privately - any personal information shared on our calls.
  6. I agree not to share the course materials with women who are not part of the training.
  7. I agree and commit to fulfilling my financial agreement until all payments are complete.
  8. I understand there are no refunds for registering for this online program.
  9. I agree to these Agreements and Policies as part of my MotherSpirit Priestess Training, and Dawn DelVecchio Enterprises, LLC.
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