Deepen Your Sacred Practices in a Supportive Community of Sisters

Welcome dear sister,

I am grateful you are here, for it means that you too feel the call to more deeply unfold the Priestess within you – in a community removed from the old matrix.

The next wave of Awakening on Earth is underway, and the massive changes as we shift from 3D to 5D will be challenging for those who are not prepared. There is a great need among humanity for the wisdom, stability and healing tools of the Priestess.

Now is the time to prepare ourselves and support each other. We have to be fully aligned with our Higher Self and Soul Purpose so that we may serve others as they heal and re-member their own light.


No (Womb)man is an Island – the Power of Community!


I’ve developed the Return of the Priestess community to help you nurture your spiritual growth and sacred leadership. 

Over the past 2+ years, many of us have come to discover the real value of community. Isolation has shown us just how crucial connection really is. This is a time for us to ensure we create meaningful relationships with those who support our highest vision for ourselves.

After all that we’ve been through as a human family, it’s clear …  we need each other. This is not the time to be alone or adrift. Now, more than ever, we need sister-kin to walk the path of the Sacred Feminine with courage and love.

As the old saying goes, ”No (womb)man is an island.” Which is why I’m inviting you to join us. 

“I really needed to be part of a women’s circle to help navigate these wild times and to get clearer on my role in creating the New Earth.  I also needed to be around strong feminine spiritual traditions.  I enjoy experiencing the great diversity and depth of sharing from women all over the world.  These are wise women of all ages, healers, priestesses, channelers, elders and spiritual seekers who raise the vibration of the conversation, embedded in a grounded feminine spirituality.” – Gina

Join our Sisterhood in Sacred Space!

Join us now

$37/Month or $397/year


Just $397/year


Just $37/MONTH


Bye-Bye Big Brother!

Let’s face it: Big-Tech has become Big Brother. No longer are the old platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. places for us to share our heart’s truth without concern of our data being mined or our voices being censored.

Many of those who have been preparing the way for the New Earth are no longer allowed to question the dominant paradigm, or advocate for human and health sovereignty. We are edited, put in “Facebook jail” or deplatformed altogether. 

And while the Priestess community as a whole has not yet come under the gaze of the “all seeing eye,” by continuing to let our heart’s intimate truths be “mined” for marketing purposes we do not serve the Light of 5-D consciousness.

Which is why I have chosen to build community off of these big-tech-big-brother platforms.


Here’s How Our New Community Works …

Our Return of the Priestess Community is a safe and sacred space which allows us to connect authentically without concern for censorship or being spied upon. We meet on a platform called “Mighty Networks” which keeps our data private.

The way we interact here is a bit like Facebook-meets-Youtube, offering community, communication and connection! Here you’ll find …


A “newsfeed” like the kind you may be familiar with on Facebook


A place for you to create your own private page, including pictures, posts and links to things you’d like to share.


Many topics to explore under the “topics” and “Interests” section.


2x/monthly LIVE, online events where we can actually interact with each other.


And courses you can purchase at special rates, as a community member.

You can post on your own page, engage in topics of interest with other sisters, build connections through shared interests, watch many of my videos and register to attend the live streams which are included in your membership.

Join the Return of the Priestess Community

Now is the time

$37/Month or $397/year


Just $397/year


Just $37/MONTH


Investing In Sisterhood for Powerful Returns

Each month, you get fresh new content with multiple, ongoing forms of guidance and support for flowing with the shifts and changes underway here on Earth. 

Included in your membership are two monthly livestreams where we connect as a community, plus guided meditations, mantras, prayers, invocations and periodic courses at special, community member prices.

All of this is to support you as you navigate the massive changes we are facing at both the personal and collective levels.

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

Two Live Streams Each Month

We will gather twice monthly for ceremony, the transmission of messages from Divine Mother, spiritual insights and a Q&A period, in order to feel and offer the loving support of sisterhood and create a vessel through which Divine Power can flow. This is the potent, “Lift as we RISE” connection – made more powerful through intimate connection via zoom.

A Monthly Guided Meditation 

Each month, at or around the NEW MOON, you will receive a fresh new guided meditation related to the energies most activated in the field. I will draw from astrological influences, global events and the Guidance of Divine Mother in order to help us all walk together through the changes, challenges and blessings of these times. 

A New Mantra, Prayer or Invocation Each Month

In addition to your monthly meditation, you’ll also get a new mantra, prayer or invocation to work with in order to deepen your self-understanding and connect with the energies most active. (Note: A mantra is a word, sound or short phrase to repeat which helps you develop concentration and relaxation.)

Sacred Sisterhood Community – 24/7!

As you deepen on your sacred path – tracking changes, having “aha!” moments, and facing challenges – you have a sisterhood to turn to for your own awakening journey. You can share with others in the general forum, or search specific, spiritual topics of interest where you can engage and grow with others.

Special Pricing for Courses

As a member of our community, you will have access to any online course I develop at a 10% discount. This includes my current offering as well as those yet to be developed. (Note: This excludes MotherSpirit 13 Moon Priestess Training and retreats.)

PLUS! You Also Have Access to …

In addition to community, live streams, fresh new content, and special pricing for online courses, our members have access to my new, Priestess Self-Study Starter Course

This 4-Module Course provides you with the foundational pillars you need to feel aligned with the Priestess energies so that you can strengthen your skills and deepen your wisdom for sacred leadership.

 “In astrology, when two “heavenly” bodies come together in the night sky, their conjoining portends a new future.  Dawn and this community have been such heavenly bodies for me, providing a haven of support for the exploration of stirrings of feminine leadership, and awakening the confidence to step forward onto a new trajectory of service.  Thanks, Dawn. And thanks, priestess sisters.Barbara

Choose Your Best Option!

$37/Month or $397/year


Just $397/year


Just $37/MONTH


About Dawn DelVecchio, MA

Priestess, Mentor &
Sacred Feminine Leadership Guide


My journey began more than 35 years ago. I was a young mom initiated into the mysteries of the ancient feminine ways, along with 5 other sister-mamas. We called ourselves “MotherSpirit” and during our years of spiritual exploration and devotion, we grew into the Priestess Leaders we are today.

Since then, I have continued to study and implement many sacred, devotional  practices. These include Goddess lore, ceremony, intuitive guidance, spiritual counsel, tarot & astrology, meditation, prayer and a devoted practice of A Course in Miracles principles. 

The Goddess – the Divine Feminine face of the ONE – has been gently navigating me to be ready to stand as teacher-mentor-sister-friend to women for these times now. 


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices. I’m also a professionally certified Neurolinguistic Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, DreamSculpting® Practitioner and Timeline Trauma Release Coach.

How I Work with Women

Today I bring all of these transformational tools together in order to assist women in healing, clearing and actualising their Sacred Leadership potential. I do this through retreats, online group mentorship, 1:1 coaching and my Return of the Priestess, online community.

“I began my Priestess journey in 2005 and have had many mentors along the way. I have come to know and feel authentic heart centered leadership. Dawn carries a torch that brightly shines and leads the way for others to do the same. Her voice brings forward light from the innermost realms and shines it outward into a world seeking truth. If you are a seeker, this community and the many women you’ll meet here will help you find your own inner spark of light. Paula

Is this Right For You?


I realize this membership isn’t for everyone, so stay with me here and you’ll know if this is right for you …

First of all, I guess you have to relate with me, because I’m your host 🙂 And while I’m not perfect, I know you’ll feel my heart and soul throughout the materials and transmission I bring to this community.

You’ll also know this is right for you if …


You want community and connection – so that you have a safe space to turn to, with like-minded others who respect and appreciate your values and dreams.


You want to go beyond the surface of life – so you can see more deeply into your inner world and stand in your sacred feminine strength


You want support, tools, training and guidance that let you rise into the best version of yourself.


You want to grow personally and spiritually – so that you can experience more self-love and self-acceptance.


You want more clarity about your life’s path or important decisions. 


You wish to have more harmony in your relationships and peace about your future.


You’d love fresh, high-value content and training each month – so you can ride the waves of worldly challenges with greater grace & ease.

“I love this community! For me, it means coming together with like-minded women and being appreciative of each other. I can grow in this community, experience new things and get confirmation for my thoughts. I appreciate very much that we come together from many different cultures and countries. All this is made possible by the eye-to-eye contact that Dawn cultivates with us and always encourages us to live our own sovereignty and creativity.Petra

Cultivate Your Inner Priestess in a Safe, Sacred, Powerful Community of Like-Minded Sisters

$37/Month or $397/year


Just $397/year


Just $37/MONTH


Membership Terms

You are free to choose either a monthly or annual membership. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time simply by writing to my assistant and sister-Priestess Lorree at: and requesting cancellation.

We do not offer refunds for annual memberships or previous months, but we will cancel your subscription with no questions asked and no hard feelings!

Let’s Review EVERYTHING YOU GET – Instantly! – When You Join the Return of the Priestess Community Today:

Two live streams each month – Value: $197

A monthly guided meditation – Value: $47


A new, mantra, prayer or invocation each month – Value: $37


Unlimited access to our private community – Value: Priceless


PLUS! Our Priestess Self-Study Starter Course – Value: $197

Total Value – $478.00

You pay $37 per month or $397 for the year when you join today!

Choose Your Best Option


Just $397/year


Just $37/MONTH

Empowerment, Growth & Community 

I’m putting my heart, soul and dollars into making this community a safe, inclusive, powerful place for sacred women like you to find solace, support and empowerment for your Soul’s Mission. 

Have More Questions?


What is the Return of the Priestess Membership?

The Return of the Priestess Membership is an online subscription developed off of the big-tech platforms in order to ensure a safe, sacred, uncensored and private space for your spiritual and personal growth. This is a space for women who identify with the sacred feminine as Goddess, Priestess, Oracle, Intuitive, Starseed, LightWorker, Healer  or Leader. Every month you get powerful guidance and fresh, inspiring content. You also get access to a community of like-minded Souls who value the significance of these times and the need for Sacred Feminine leaders to RISE. 

Is this Membership right for me?

If you’d like more support to stay on track with your spiritual or personal growth, if you want greater ease and self-trust when facing challenges, if you seek valuable, uncensored sisterhood, if you recognize the importance of sacred sovereignty on all levels of your being, or if you feel called to activate a Soul-guided mission, then this community gives you both the guidance and the structure to stay on-track. If you don’t have a support system for your spiritual growth, our community will bring you that “have your back” feeling we cannot often find with family. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you decide our Priestess community isn’t for you, you can cancel any time. Just contact Lorree at and we will cancel your subscription. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the portal or our twice-monthly livestream events.

How is the Return of the Priestess Community accessed?

You can access all of the resources of our community through our private portal, Mighty Networks. All you have to do is log in to access the community forums, monthly guidance, training materials, and links for the livestreams. You can access the member’s portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone, just like you would access Facebook or other social media sites.

How much of my time will this require each month?

The time you devote to connecting and growing with us in the community is really up to you. Take a moment to consider the time you currently spend on other social media platforms which do not serve your spiritual empowerment. If you have a sense about that, you can use that time to connect here, work with the meditations and mantras, watch spiritually empowering videos, join the live calls, share your deepest insights and connect with others whenever you want, as often as you want. If you’re busy one week or month, no worries. You can’t “fall behind” as a Return of the Priestess community  member, since this isn’t a limited-time course. That being said, remember there’s a reason you’ve been called to this path. And the wonderful thing about our community is that we’ve made it easy for you to stay on track with your Soul’s deeper stirrings. When you commit to your growth, it’s easier to find the time.

Is this space right for me if I don’t have a spiritual practice yet?

Absolutely! Return of the Priestess is for any woman who has or wants to grow spiritually or personally, with the Divine Feminine as her biggest guiding light. All you need to start is desire! We give you support, community, inspiration and structure to begin your journey. In fact, this is the best place to start thanks to our flexible structure and wonderful community.

What if I can’t finish all the content each month?

No worries at all! The content which changes monthly relates to the energies we are currently navigating. All of the guidance, livestream recordings and training will always be there when you are ready. You can go back at any time – whenever you want. This is a flexible structure, not rigid rules. 

I already walk as Priestess in my life, does this community have anything more for me?

Definitely! If you are already walking your Priestess Path, then our community enhances your current understanding and growth. It’s an ideal way to form deep connections and activate you at deeper levels. 

“I have been so grateful to be a part of this conscious community of women who uplift, support and inspire one another! The value of Dawn’s Sunday morning bi-monthly livestreams is nothing less than GOLD. She sets the tone for sacred invocation and the conversations that follow are heart-centered and connected and truly inspiring. I highly highly recommend this community for anyone who wants to feel the connection of something deeper, higher and sacred for the Heart of Well-Being as we transition and transform through the Shift of the Ages.” – Alia

 Yes! I’m Ready to Step into this Sacred Sisterhood!

$37/Month or $397/year


Just $397/year


Just $37/MONTH

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