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Join your host, Dawn DelVecchio, and these inspirational Priestesses, Visionaries & Wisdom Elders for a no-cost series dedicated to activating your sacred feminine path.


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In this on-line training series, Priestesses, Visionaries & Wisdom Elders from lineages & cultures around the Earth will share sacred practices so you can:


Engage with Goddess & Divine Feminine Energies at a Deeper Level


Feel the Embrace of Pachamama & the Nature Spirit Guides


Gain Clarity about your Personal Sacred Mission


Activate Your Warrior-Priestess Strengths in the Name of Love


Re-Weave the Sisterhood through Greater Cultural Respect & Conscious Inclusion Practices


Embody Greater Wholeness with Sexual Healing Practices Specifically for Women


Receive New Priestess Codes for Spiritually-Empowered Leadership


And much, much more!


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Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL.

Sianna Sherman

Rise of the Feminine Flame

Anahita Joon is a priestess, healer, medicine woman and credentialed spiritual counselor. Born into Iran’s Islamic Revolution, her work today is a culmination of over 25 years of intensive study with mystic masters and shamans and social research. 

Anahita Joon

Your Sensual, Feminine Soul


Syma Kharal is an international sacred feminine and spiritual coach, healer and speaker. She is the founder of Flourishing Goddess, and the #1 Amazon bestselling author of Goddess Reclaimed and Manifest Soulmate Love

Syma Kharal

Manifest Miracles with the Goddesses


Anaiya Sophia is a Mystic, Storyteller and Author. She is best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening. Her recent book Fierce Feminine Rising, reveals a template for our absolute awakening and return to the heart.

Anaiya Sophia

The Role of the Priestess in these Times

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu is an Intuitive Quantum Goddess Coach, Divine Feminine Activator and Multidimensional Healer. She is the creatrix of the Moon Goddess Circles and Moon Goddess Academy. 

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

The Priestess of the Aquarian Age

Leyolah Antara is a Priestess of Isis Magdalene through the Rose Line of Goddess Sophia. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide and the creator of Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing.

Leyolah Antara

Healing the Priestess Wound

Elizabeth Wilcock is the creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light. For decades she has trained with masters and grandmasters to weave together the wisdom of these lineages into a curriculum for women leaders of sacred change.

Elizabeth Wilcock

Clearing Blocks to the Magnetic Goddess

Ida Resi Alit was ordained as High Priestess by the Council of Hindu Dharma in 2007 at the age of 21, becoming the youngest person to ever receive this title. She is also the first woman in 100+ years to hold this position.

Ida Resi Alit

Developing a Daily Practice

Leisa Peterson, CFP® Her masterfully blends mindfulness training and sound financial strategy to help people break free of patterns of lack, scarcity or money fears. She hosts the Mindful Millionaire podcast, virtual workshops and life-transforming retreats. 

Leisa Peterson

Chakra Clearing & Healing for Sacred Leadership

Q'orianka is an Inca High Priestess, Healer and Transformational Guide for awakening women ready to live their divine essence. Q’orianka shares spiritual teachings to midwife women’s rebirth into a new life through ancestral ceremony. 


The Blessings of Pachamama & Nature Spirit Guides

Claudia Spahr is a Hay House author, female leadership mentor and the Founder of HolyMama, repeatedly been nominated as one of the best family holidays by international media. She supports leaders of the New Paradigm to activate their purpose. 

Claudia Spahr

Activating Women to Lead

Dea Richards is an Ancient Historian with a PhD in Religious and Occult studies. She is also High Priestess at the Church of Isis UK and Lion Priestess dedicated in Traditional Egyptian Mysticism and South African Tribal traditions. 

Priestess Dea

Priestessing the Lionhearted way

Terra Christoff supports women entrepreneurs get free overwhelm through honoring their own natural rhythms, giving them confidence for stepping into greater levels of impact and income. She is a priestess of the 13 Moons Mystery School lineage. 

Terra Christoff

The Sacred Feminine in Business

Krystal Alexander-Hille is an international tantra expert, founder of Goddess Reawakening and the Temple of Conscious Eroticism. She offers spiritual journeys to Egypt & Mexico, and initiates individuals and couples into tantric practices through relationship coaching and workshops.  

Krystal Alexander-Hille

Priestess Power of Isis & Nephtys

Moetu-Taiha is a descendent of the Ngai Tuhoe and Kahungunu tribes of New Zealand. She works with the spirit realm and with women, helping them release trauma in the emotional, mental, etheric and physical levels of the body.


Finding Balance with the Masculine

Natasha Wilson is descendant from a long line of women healers. She practices as a cultural anthropologist (PhDc), psychotherapist (LCSW), spiritual life coach, and shaman, carrying family lines which hail from Africa and Native America.

Natasha Wilson

Waking from the Dream of Separation

Monica Pelayo is an Integrative Life Coach trained in the work of Shadow by Debbie Ford. Founder of Jewels of the Golden Shadow retreats and VIP sessions, she guides women to embrace our whole self by finding the gold behind the Shadow. 

Monica Pelayo

Shadow Work for Healing & Empowerment

Amrita Grace is a Visionary Leader in the Feminine Sexual Empowerment Movement. She is an ordained High Priestess, Bestselling Author, Co-Founder and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School®

Amrita Grace

Sexual Sovereignty - Your Priestess Super Power

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is a Quantum Embodiment Coach, Galactic Shaman, Ascension Trainer, and bestselling author of The Love You Crave. She guides clients to activate their multidimensional HEART and transform stagnant energy into creative possibilities. 

Waxéla Sananda

Diamond Light Heart Activation

Michelle Mayur is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of Embraced by the Divine. As an energy healer and hypnotherapist, the angelic realms and Divine Feminine energies of love and compassion are present in all her healing work.

Michelle Mayur

Heart Healing with the Goddess Isis

Jennifer Moore merges practicality, intuition & wisdom to support those she serves. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology & Religion, is an Accredited Master Trainer for EFT International, founder of Empathic Mastery Academy, author, and host of Empathic Mastery Radio.

Jennifer Moore

Empathic Mastery in Times of Great Change

Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD is the Founder of Seven Sisters Mystery School. She is a scholar/practitioner of the ancient Mediterranean mystery traditions, spiritual teacher, and clairvoyant guide mentoring students to bring their sacred calling to fruition. 

Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD

Messages from Mother Mary

Anyaa McAndrew is an ordained High Priestess who has created and facilitated Priestess initiation work. She is a seasoned psychotherapist, Master Shamanic Astrologer, Shamanic BreathworkTM Practitioner, Imago Couples Therapist, and Sacred Sexuality Educator. 

Anyaa McAndrew

Returning to the Mother of Us All

Jennifer Magdalene activates the New Light Codes of the entire Rose Lineage within Humanity. She is a High Priestess of the Temple of Isis and of Avalon. Initiated by the Goddess Sekhmet and is an Initiator of the Magdalenes. 

Jennifer Magdalen

The New Priestess Codes

Emmi Mutale is a Healer, Wisdom Keeper and a Womb Shamana, dedicated to the Rise of the Divine Feminine. She takes women on journeys of healing, providing safe, sacred spaces for the emergence of feminine radiance. 

Emmi Mutale

Journey to Your Sacred Feminine Essence

Amalia Camateros is an Author, Shamanic and Energy Healer, Ceremonial Priestess, and breath-work facilitator. She helps her clients reconnect with Earth and their Bodies in order to honor them as sacred temples of Living Spirit. 

Amalia Camateros

Roots & Branches - Becoming An Antenna of Spirit

Deborah Elelia Knighton Tallarico, MA is a Planetary Priestess, Wise Woman, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Mentor & Guide. As a voice for the Mother she serves as a channel and emissary for the Divine Feminine on Earth.

Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico

Reconsecrating the Temples of Divine Feminine

Rhianne Newlahnd is a gifted intuitive, artist, author and teacher. Her innovative Oracle system, course and book will be published in late 2020. She counsels women and men from around the world to create enchanted, heart centered lives. 

Rhianne Newlahnd

Journey of the Enchanted Heart

Sunjata Nandy is Founder and Editor of the only Asian yoga magazine in the world. She is also the author of Awakening the Divine Feminine and offers a Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification course to transfer wisdom of Goddess traditions of the world.

Sujata Nandy

Awakening the Divine Feminine on Earth

Dawn DelVecchio, MA is a Priestess, Author, Retreat Leader, Astrologer and Activator of Women. She mentors and initiates women into the MotherSpirit Priestess lineage.

Dawn DelVecchio

Return of the Priestess


Priestess, Mentor & Sacred Feminine Leadership Guide

For more than 35 years I have studied Goddess lore, facilitated ceremonies, offered intuitive guidance, spiritual counsel, tarot & astrology readings. My Initiation as a Priestess came in 1986 with my first Priestess Circle, MotherSpirit. My RE-Dedication came in January, 2017 when I could no longer ignore my Sacred Calling as a Mentor and Guide for the next generation of feminine leaders. Today I host retreats and apprenticeship programs for women called to the path of Empowered Leadership as Priestess. 


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies and a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices. I am the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money, a certified Neurolinguistic Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, DreamSculpting® Practitioner, Timeline Trauma Release Coach and former muaythai kick-boxer.

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