A Global Activation to Support You as a Feminine Leader, Healer & Frequency Holder for Our New Earth!


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Join your Host Dawn DelVecchio and these inspirational Priestesses, Visionaries & Wisdom Elders for a no-cost series dedicated to liberating your spiritual gifts and activating your Soul’s Divine Mission during this time of great change on Earth.


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In this on-line training series, Priestesses, Visionaries & Wisdom Elders from lineages & cultures around the Earth will share sacred practices so you can:


Engage with Goddess & Divine Feminine Energies at a Deeper Level


Become an Embodied Way-Shower of the New Earth


Reclaim Your Feminine Essence & Creative Womb Power


Activate your Light Codes & Star Seed DNA


Build Your Creative Process With The Elemental Forces of Nature


Call Forth Your Priestess Abundance with Your Sacred Calling


Discover the Art of Transformation Through Dance


Participate in a Divine Mother Activation


And much, much more!

PLUS! … This series includes three LIVE ceremonies to support your healing, empowerment & integration of the energy transmissions and activations offered.


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Marin is a multi-dimensional Magdalene Rose priestess & emissary of the Divine Mother. She is a long time womb keeper & wisdom holder of the Sophianic rose codes, leading priestess pilgrimages & soul initiations as part of her Magdalene Rose Priestess Mastery Program.

Marin Bach-


Dr. Celestine Iisha Star, DD, draws from 40+ years of therapeutic medical healing, metaphysical wisdom, and empathic abilities to support the healing, evolution and awakening of human consciousness.

Dr. Celestine Star


As a former Swami in the Vedic tradition, Sally has been practicing & teaching for over 4 decades. Sharing her knowledge of the texts of yoga and tantra with practical wisdom in online courses, retreats, workshops, CDs, and books.

Sally Kempton


Jonita D’souza is an author, certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Creatress of Exploring Femininity Ltd. She assists women with their feminine and sensual energy using Taoist and Tantric arts, so they can create a fulfilling and pleasurable life.

Jonita D’Souza


Dionne Ruff-Sloan is a High Priestess and Oracle Reader here to help you reframe limiting beliefs and guide you to clarity. She is deeply committed to doing her soul work so she can serve not only herself, but others too.

Dionne Ruff-Sloan


Achintya is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School and co-founder of the new Starlight Sanctuary on Maui. Since 2013, she has been guiding tens of thousands of women around the world & online to reclaim their Truth, Wisdom, Power & Sovereignty, and embody their Soul Essence.

Achintya Devi


Ameya is the Founder of the Woman Rising Mystery School, where women remember earth wisdom, ancient mysteries, & walk the Path of the Rose. She guides women to activate their Soul essence & awaken the Grail codes within.

Ameya Cohen


Tiffany Tin has worked with hundreds of clients. As a High Priestess, she helps her clients access and activate their spiritual gifts, with classes on Reiki, channelling and light language.

Tiffany Tin


Joanna is known for her transformational events, clearing money blocks & Akashic Records work. With the changes of the last year, a New Economy is emerging and Joanna is at the forefront, working with visionary leaders to create legacy wealth & impact.

Joanna Turner


Rev. Anandha Ray is an ordained Priestess of the Goddess Isis and creatrix of the Quimera Method which brings together dance, ritual and ceremony for performance and personal transformation.

Rev Anandha Ray


Soul Shaman, Energy Healer & Creativity Coach, Marie helps high-performing women business owners, leaders & change-makers get reconnected and centered to achieve holistic success.  She is a bestselling author, healer, speaker, intuitive, channel & multi-dimensional spiritual guide.

Dr. Marie Mbouni


Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess, Akashic Intuitive and founding Director of The Living Chalice, Embodied Wisdom School. She facilitates New Earth Temple Arts, Sacred Ceremony, Conscious Evolution and the birthing of a Divine New Humanity.

Inaiya Ray


Marguerite is an author and scholar/practitioner of the ancient Mediterranean mystery traditions. She is a spiritual teacher, channeler & clairvoyant guide who mentors women and men to help them cultivate their spiritual knowledge & bring their sacred calling to fruition.

Rigoglioso, PhD


Yogini, humanitarian, compassionate and wise beyond words, Nadine McNeil Universal Empress, is Jamaican by birth and universal in outlook. Her overarching mission: transforming lives, one breath, one heart at a time.

Nadine McNeil


Christina is the founder of the Omega Codex Training & an evolutionary community space: The Omegaverse. She has devoted her life to creating systemic change. She helps conscious creatives, executives, and facilitators to deliver on their life’s great calling.

Christina Solaris, Mdiv.


Sofia is a devotee of the great mother, priestess of the rose lineage and the Isis-Magdalene feminine mysteries. She guides women into the wisdom of moon cycle, womb empowerment & sensual liberation.  

Sophia Magdalene Rose


Xi is an Oracle of the Divine Mothers. She facilitates shamanic ceremonies via frequency and sound, activating our 12D DNA.

Xi Earthstar


Q'orianka is an Incan High Priestess, Healer and Transformational Guide for awakened women who want to step into their sacred destiny and live in their divine essence.



Camilla is a gatekeeper of the North, and  conduit of Divine Mother. She is devoted to anchor Divine Love & the Restored Divine Feminine on Earth.

Camilla Ma Ra


Nunaisi Ma is a life coach, natural health practitioner, Yoga teacher, Clarity Breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Intuitive. She facilitates healing groups, women circles, retreats, and one-on-one sessions.

Nunaisi Ma


Luzia Schucan is a conduit for the awakening of feminine Powers, Priestess of the moon and Midwife for a Golden Earth. With compassion and clarity she‘s serving the planet and humanity to shift into a new paradigm. 

Luzia Mara Schucan


“Ombute Devi” is a Doctor of Chiropractic,  Certified Meditation Teacher, HeartMath Intervention practitioner & transformational facilitator. She works with the wisdom of the body, bridging the conscious with the subconscious, to access deeper truths and clarity for self love and healing.

Dr. Sandra Beddor


Luh Manis is an initiated Balinese Priestess or Jero, with specific, sacred responsibilities in her community. She is also the founder of Pranasanti retreats, offering yoga, meditation, and retreats both online and in person.

Luh Manis


AuroRa is a Quantum Alchemist, creator of “A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing" past life regression technique and the author of “Galactic Soul History of The Universe”.

Rising Phoenix Aurora


Caribbean yogini & mystic, Karen has 20+ years of experience in yoga, meditation, sound healing, stress-management & rehabilitation. She uses these modalities, along with Equine Facilitated Therapy to help people of all ages and abilities achieve their potential. 

Karen Stollmeyer


Anjuna is a Spiritual teacher, Healer, Channel, Artist, & Founder of the Mystery School of Miracles. She channels the 6th Ray of the Elohim consciousness, the Goddess Frequency of Creation & the Golden Christ Light.

Anjuna Saran Magdalena


Marisa Acocella is the New York Times best-selling author of 4 graphic novels, including The Big She-Bang! She is a cartoonist for The New Yorker and her work has appeared in the New York Times, Glamour, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Marisa Acocella


Akara is a Tantric Wisdom Teacher who illuminates the intersection between the Lost Mystery School Traditions of the Ancient World & the Living Gnosis of Awakening animating the times we are in now.

Akara Sofia


Dawn is the founder of the Return of the Priestess series, Priestess School, and Mother Spirit 13 Moon Priestess Training. Initiated more than 36 years ago, today she offers workshops, retreats and mentorship to women around the world

Dawn DelVecchio


Priestess, Mentor & Sacred Feminine Leadership Guide

For more than 36 years I have studied Goddess lore, facilitated ceremonies, offered intuitive guidance, spiritual counsel, tarot & astrology readings. My Initiation as a Priestess came in 1986 with my first Priestess Circle, MotherSpirit. My RE-Dedication came in January, 2017 when I could no longer ignore my Sacred Calling as a Mentor and Guide for the next generation of feminine leaders. Today I host retreats and apprenticeship programs for women called to the path of Empowered Leadership as Priestess.


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies and a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices. I am the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money, a certified Neurolinguistic Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, DreamSculpting® Practitioner, Timeline Trauma Release Coach and former muaythai kick-boxer.

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