Is the intensity of these times making you feel weary or overwhelmed?

Join us for the…

Relieve pressures from the heavy changes within and around you

Tune into all of the psychic power this reset period is offering you
Fortify your spirit for the coming times

Online live November 3-5, 2023

(All sessions will be recorded so you can also enjoy them indefinitely in replay!)

New Earth Energies Are Rocking Our World

It’s been an INTENSE year, and if you’re like many people, you’re deeply desiring to move out of compression, confusion, or fear, into greater ease and opening. 

And you may not realize this yet but  … you’re also needing a way to integrate all of the new energies coming to our planet. These energies are making all of us more intuitive and psychic. 

Have you noticed, for example, how much more sensitive you are to others’ presence since 2020? 

Have you noticed how it’s become more challenging to be in large groups? … That’s because you’re picking up on far more “information” than ever before. And you are not alone!

That’s why we’ve been blessed with the task of creating a specific container for supporting you to most effectively integrate and upgrade at this crucial time.

In medicine ceremony, Dawn & Marguerite received a message clearly and strongly:

This is a critical time for you as a spiritually oriented person to rebalance, reset, and restore yourself at the new level that’s now available.

This will help you move from feeling that “it’s all too much” to being invigorated for the coming era of change.

Restore your Energies & Fortify your Spirit as we Rapidly Shift into Higher Dimensions!

Choose your Plan:

A Time of Spiritual Initiation

Yes, it’s been rough. You may have been going through suffering, freeze, or overwhelm as the world has been going through the same. But this is actually a tremendous opportunity.

It is a further spiritual initiation. You are taking another step into your Divine Human Self. Earth is literally moving to a higher dimensional frequency, and she’s taking you with her.

We all need to attend to this shift with consciousness and love. And we all need support in the process.

This sacred weekend container will offer you not only a release valve, but also some priceless energetic tools and processes to lift your spirit and deepen your soul’s growth.

Through This 2.5-day Journey, You Will:

Clear and further heal old wounds – so you can become available for more abundant opportunities available for your life now.
Amplify your light body – so you can deepen into your spiritual journey with greater well-being and vitality.
Receive empowerments from Mother Divine for your soul’s purpose so – you can move forward with clarity and strength.
Open your intuitive sight to expansive new levels – so you can see what’s really going on and know how to take action.

Taking this inner journey to recalibrate supports your spiritual expansion – an essential step for the new light waves coming to planet Earth –  and your consciousness.

Come be with us for this restorative, expansive weekend to help you feel better and get to the next level of soul consciousness for joyful living!

Lift your Spirit & Deepen your Soul’s Growth with us during the

Soul Relief, Renewal & Rebalancing Weekend!

Choose your Plan:

Since 2017, I have regularly worked with Marguerite in solo mentoring sessions, participated in many of her ceremonial offerings and workshops, and received certification in her Priestess of the Dove Oracle Training. I have developed a grounded trust and confidence in my intuitive skills, learned powerful and nourishing practices to support direct relationship with Spirit, and received practical resources for the ongoing maintenance of my energetic boundaries. Our work together continues to support me in aligning with my sovereignty, purpose, creative vision and path of service.

Lisa River Schenkelberg

Therapist, Level 2 Dove Oracle Priestess, Artist

I began my Priestess journey in 2005 and have had many mentors along the way. I have come to know and feel authentic heart-centered leadership. Dawn carries a torch that brightly shines and leads the way for others to do the same. Her voice brings forward light from the innermost realms and shines it outward into a world seeking truth.

Paula York

Author, Feng Shui House Whisperer & High Priestess

Here’s What This Soul Renewal Journey Offers You:

FRIDAY: The Big Picture Overview – Why You & Why Now?

We begin with an overview of where we are on the timeline of this planetary shifting. This includes oracle shares from Marguerite and astrological insights from Dawn regarding what we need to be aware of and how to best navigate these times for personal balance and sanity.

Date & Time: Friday, November 3, 2023

1 – 3 pm Pacific, 4 – 6 pm Eastern, 8 – 10 pm UK

*NOTE: The UK is 4 hours ahead of Eastern time for Friday the 3rd of November. Please mark your calendar accordingly.

SATURDAY: Clearing Your Vessel for Soul-Deep Renewal

In ceremony and with heartfelt intention, we will spend Saturday moving through a 3-step process for your renewal and recalibration. This process includes: clearing out old stuck energies and emotions, plugging up energetic holes, then filling your vessel with the new, high-frequency light codes available for your spiritual advancement.

Date & Time: Saturday, November 4, 2023

  • Session 1: 7 – 9 am Pacific, 10 am – 12 noon Eastern, 2 – 4 pm UK
  • Session 2: 10 am – 12 noon Pacific, 1 – 3 pm Eastern, 5 – 7 pm UK
  • Session 3: 1 – 3 pm Pacific, 4 – 6 pm Eastern, 8 – 10 pm UK

*NOTE: The UK is 4 hours ahead of Eastern time for Saturday the 4th of November. Please mark your calendar accordingly.

SUNDAY: Charging Your Intuitive Abilities & Future Prosperity

Our focus on Sunday is activating the new light codes within you, further opening your intuitive/psychic capacities, and energizing your future goals, prosperity, and next steps. In our community circle, you will gain momentum for your own renewed spiritual path by joining your spirit with Mother Divine. We’ll also spend some time emanating these codes into the collective field for the benefit of all life. (If you’ve worked with Ix Cacao before, this is also a great time to have your own warm cup ready so that you may go even deeper).

Date & Time: Sunday, November 5, 2023*

8 – 10:30 am Pacific, 11 am – 1:30 pm Eastern, 4 – 6:30 pm UK

*NOTE: The UK is 5 hours ahead of Eastern time for Sunday, November 5th. This is when the time changes in the USA (“Fall Back”). Please mark your calendar accordingly.

FREE BONUS #1: LIVE Integration Call

As a special bonus, we will gather again on Wednesday November 8 for a final integration + Q&A call so that you have everything you need to embody these upgrades and work with them as your new (and higher) standard of consciousness. (This will also be available in replay).

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

9 – 10:30 am PST, 12 noon – 1:30 pm EST, 5 –6:30 pm UK

FREE BONUS #2: Comprehensive Support Bundle

A bundle of audio and written wisdom from Dawn and Marguerite on how to prepare yourself and your space in a field of self-care and ceremony so you can get the most out of this weekend. The support bundle includes gentle suggestions for how to prepare yourself at the physical and Soul levels, along with a Golden Light Energy Healing Meditation to soothe yourself before and after the weekend.

FREE BONUS #3: Recommended Resources Power Pack

A generous package of videos and mini-talks from Dawn and Marguerite, including the Mother Mary Trinity of audio lectures, ascension support videos, and more! We’ve selected from our storehouses of “most important” resources for the times now upon us in order to ensure you have everything you need to easefully flow with the rapid changes upon us.

You Will Come Away from This Soul Relief & Renewal Weekend with…

An energetic uplift on all levels of your being.

Deep relief from the weariness of living through these times.

A greater capacity to access higher guidance for your unique journey.

Stronger receptivity to the natural abundance now available to you.

A more relaxed body and mind.

A more integrated and amplified Light Body for self-expansion and service to others.

An expanded capacity to engage your relationships with peace, grace, and ease – despite these challenging times of divisiveness and change.

Greater clarity and energy for living your Soul’s purpose.

Integrated and Amplified Light Body for Self-Expansion, Sacred Service and Spiritual Renewal!

Choose your Plan:

Your Priestess Guides

Dawn DelVecchio, MA

For more than 38 years, Dawn DelVecchio, MA, has walked the path of Priestess in devotion to the Divine Feminine and Earth Gaia. She is committed to spiritual and practical service in the world through retreats, online courses, and free offerings.

Dawn is the host of the highly successful Return of the Priestess annual summit, the lineage bearer of the MotherSpirit Priestess line, an Evolutionary Astrologer, and the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book for women in business: Spirit, Mind & Money. Dawn is dedicated to her role as Priestess and Ascension Guide, serving women and men who choose to hold the light of LOVE in these times.

Dawn weaves together all the necessary elements for a true alchemical process, with humility and love. The ability to co-create with others with the same intention was a potent healing transformation for me. I highly recommend working with Dawn for women who wish to embody their own divinity during these times.

Alia Leito

Performing Artist, Playwright, & Mom of 2 sons

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., is the founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School, now in its 11th year, which offers courses, workshops, ceremonies, and mentoring to those on the evolutionary spiritual path. With a focus on the Sacred Feminine, Marguerite brings forth extraordinary and unique teachings that are helping propel world consciousness forward in powerful new ways.

The foremost authority on the history of virgin birth, Marguerite is the author of the bold award-winning book The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births, as well as Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity and The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece.

Before working with Marguerite, there was a desire deep within me to be a conduit for Source Creator and Mother Mary, and an aspiration to become a Priestess. Marguerite is all things I desired in a Mentor. After having worked with her as a spiritual teacher and mentor for the past two years, I now have an exceptional set of tools that are making my life as a spiritual person and conduit for Source Creator much better.

Grace Phillips

Certified Dove Oracle Priestess & Cacao Priestess

Let’s Review Everything You Get …

When you join us for the Soul Relief, Renewal and Rebalancing Weekend, you can expect a powerful and nourishing weekend of healing and upgrades in a sacred container of spiritual community. Your experience includes …

2.5 day, live, online retreat co-led by Marguerite & Dawn                       Value: $2000

Specific processes for upgrading your emotional and energy bodies    Value: $500

Guided Experiences for soothing, integrating, and transforming            Value: $500

PLUS! When you join us you will also receive these Free Bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: LIVE Integration Call                                                           Value: $500

FREE BONUS #2: Comprehensive Support Bundle                                     Value: $200

FREE BONUS #3: Resource Power Pack                                                        Value: $200

Total Value: $3,900

Your Investment: Only $333

Before working with Marguerite, I was experiencing blockages in my oracle gifts and great fear around using them. I was unclear on my calling to use these gifts to help others. After having worked with Marguerite I received the healing, activation and clarity I needed to step into my gifts as a healer, Oracle and Cacao priestess. I now have the tools I need to upkeep myself as a Sacred Priestess and to use my gifts to help others on their healing journey.

Makhosi Nyame Watuwa

Sangoma Traditional Healer, Diviner, Medicine Woman

Dawn gives thoroughly. Her worldly and otherworldly knowledge of the feminine shows up in everything she does. She has integrity and a heart full of love for all. She is unafraid to speak the truth. She is the kind of leader we need for these times. Dawn is the real deal.

Vivian Jane Powers

High Priestess, Performing Artist, Priestess of TRUTH

Join Us for a One-of-a-Kind Weekend to Support your Soul’s Next Evolutionary Leap!

Choose your Plan: