Welcome dear sister…

I am so happy to know that you are interested in learning more about Return of the Priestess III! Our theme this year is “New Earth Rising.” 

Here’s How it Works

Event Dates: April 1-17, 2022 

Interviews: Held via Zoom video conference between March 1-31. We will pre-record a 40-50 minute video interview within a 60-minute appointment. (NOTE: You can share your video with your list after the summit is over, just let me know if you want it.)

Promotional period: March 18-31, 2022. 

Note: The website is not available yet. We will provide you with the link when it is ready, as well as all promotional materials. Please have a look at last year’s website page right here.

Diversity & Inclusion: I am committed to Return of the Priestess III being a gathering of priestesses from diverse lineages, cultures, races and traditions. This vision was birthed as such, and I am reaching out to sister-priestesses, wisdom elders and visionaries from all corners of the globe. 

Promotional Requirements: We are asking that speakers have a minimum email list size of 3,500 subscribers to whom they will mail an invitation. All speakers are requested to send the following between March 18-31, 2022: 

  • 1 solo email to their list
  • 1 newsletter mention (OR 2 solo emails) 
  • 3 social media posts (FB/Twitter/Instagram or other where you have a following). 

We also ask that you comment on posts you are tagged in on facebook during the promotional period (to help spread the word and connect with participants.)

Note: If you have another platform in which you have many engaged followers (such as a podcast or Youtube channel), we are happy to discuss alternatives to the social media post requests.

Support Materials: All marketing materials – including professionally written emails for you to tweak for your own voice, and professionally designed social media posts – will be provided well in advance of the promotional window. A convenient Speaker Promotion Center will give you access to everything you need. You will also have access to my Assistant who will be dedicated to supporting our Speakers for the series.

Commissions: This is not an affiliate commission opportunity. It is designed for exposure through shared reach. You are welcome to make a free offer during our interview in order to invite women into your own community/email list. A copy of the interview for your personal/professional use will be provided on request, after the event.

Other Affiliate Opportunities. There are a limited number of spots for speakers who would like to make a paid offer to attendees, with an affiliate fee structure. If you have something in mind which we have not yet discussed, please let me know either when we speak or within the Speaker Agreement Form.

Speaker Support. My assistant will be available to support you (beginning March 1st) should you have logistic or other questions about the series. She can be reached at:


If this still feels aligned, our next step is to jump on a quick call (I can also speak with your assistant) to go over promotional details and affiliate opportunities.


A Little About Me…

Dawn DelVecchio, MA

Priestess, Mentor &
Sacred Feminine Leadership Guide


My journey began more than 37 years ago. I was a young mom initiated into the mysteries of the ancient feminine ways, along with 5 other sister-mamas. We called ourselves “MotherSpirit” and during our years of spiritual exploration and devotion, we grew into the Priestess Leaders we are today.

Since then, I have continued to study and implement many sacred, devotional practices. These include Goddess lore, ceremony, intuitive guidance, spiritual counsel, tarot & astrology, meditation and prayer. 

The Goddess – the Divine Feminine face of the ONE – has been gently navigating me to be ready to stand as teacher-mentor-sister-friend to women for these times now. 


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices. I am the founder of the Return of the Priestess speaker series, which has now reached 10s of 1000s of women and men across the globe; and the lineage-bearer of MotherSpirit, now offered as a 13 Moon Priestess training and mystery school. 

How I Work with Women

Today I bring all of these transformational tools together in order to assist women in healing, clearing and actualising their Sacred Leadership potential. I do this through retreats, online group mentorship, 1:1 coaching and my Return of the Priestess, online community.

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